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Published on Jun 21, 2012

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Comments • 9,902

Marsh Marlou
Criminally underrated movie!
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Alex TT-zer0
It still is underrated,it should have been a 9+...
Flaming MonkeyAss
I wish corporations would quit the circle jerks over their rights so we could get a Dredd vs Predator vs Alien already.
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Producers "Hey here is a simple and interesting movie who can really reboot a nice franchise without spitting on the first adaptation." Viewers "Fuck you ! Give us another Transformers so we can hate it but still buy millions of entries. " Sigh...
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Steve Wik
The first adaptation was garbage and deserves to be spat on. Fuck helmetless Stallone-Dredd.
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Snake Plissken
Dredd was such a great movie. An absolute shame we didn't get a sequel.....especially when so many piles of crap movies do.
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Dave White
There is NO Dredd 2.
7Ed X
dredd 2 out january 2017 i hope
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Plot Twist
This movie buried the Stallone version deeper than Atari buried the E.T. cartridges!
Steve Wik
+Bender B. Rodriguez But let's be honest, the Stallone version blew donkey balls even without this one to compare it with.
Veronica Lopez
I'm on some slo-mo right now, slowing time 100 times down this shit is good. 💭
Just got through watching this, personally thought it was a BRILLIANT movie. The Stallone one was total shite compared to this. It captures the same magic the comics had and I hope they're thinking of doing a sequel. Karl Urban was great. Surprised this movie isn't more well-known, but I have a feeling it'll be a late bloomer.
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yeah man saw it at the flicks fucking great film
Nikki AndersonTV
+Zach Deleon i bought the dvd, if they see people like it they will make another, try and give this movie as much exposure as possible i will do the same that's the only way
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A Better Tomorrow
Dredd remake > Robocop remake.  Sayin it now folks. 
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+KillerSalmon But Dredd wasn't a remake. It was an adaptation. 
A Better Tomorrow
+KillerSalmon Not really a no-brainer considering Hollywood still has a boner for remakes that can be good or bad at a flip of a coin.  Look at Spike Lee's Oldboy compared to David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Movies can just be a flip of a coin in the remake universe.
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we need Dredd 2...then we need Dredd v Batman (no fucking zach snyder involved)...then we need Dredd v Predator...then we need Dredd v Predator v Aliens...then we need Dredd 3...then we need Dredds Summer Vacation...then we need a Walter spin off...then we need Dredd v Terminator...then we need Dredd 4...then we need a judge Anderson/Judge Hershey spin off...then we need a one off christmas special Dredd crossover with Will & Grace.
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Ahmar Saeed
FatCatMedia Dredd 5: Justice awakens.
White Reconquista
we need Dredd vs Hilary
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we need a sequel........ we need judge death...... and fear, fire and mortis....... and the sisters of death........... and mean angel !!!!!!!
+Bartman954 source please.
We are getting a sequel! The Dark Judges will be in Dredd 3 
Heavily under rated movie. In my opinion, one of the best action movies out there. Took no shit, no PG crap, no sob stories, and didnt take any time to get into the chaos. Havnt read the comic, havnt seen the Stallone movie, so my opinion only comes from this movie. But Jesus what an awesome film!
Jonny Lupus
"You know how often we get a Judge up in theaters?" 2012 "Well, ya got one now!" We're in need of another one. Help us.
Control: Control to Dredd, is your pursuit resolved? Dredd: Affirmative.  Control: Please come to the Hall of Justice, we have a new assignment.  In other words, I can confirm.  THERE WILL BE A DREDD 2!!!
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