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Published on Jul 15, 2010

Update 1 of the Legend of the Guardians movie.

Hello! If any of you watching this from OwlPages.com, I am Gwendolyn in the Fnatasy Forum and GreatGray66 in the regular owl forums.
To any of you who are just watching this because you're fans of the books or you like the conscept of the movie, I suggest you make an account and join us! We have plenty of discussions, RP and pictures. The link is:
Fantasy Forum:
And owlpages is simply owlpages.com

This is the first update for the Legend of the Guardians movie. If you ahve any info or speculations, don't feel shy to PM me. I'll read every single one of them and try my best to respond to them all.
Anyway, I explain a lot in the video itself. If the slides are too fast (which they may be; I'm a fast reader) just pause it.

Im sorry, it seems that the captions for the posters are too fuzzy. I'll be sure to fix that as soon as I can, but for now, here's what they say:

This is obviously a poster of Soren.
In the background you can see a gate with water flowing through, like an ocean or a river. It can't be into St Aegolius Canyons since it;s a dry area, and we know the Ga'Hoole tree is on an unbordered island.
If you ahve any ideas, feel free to say so one the comments section or PM me.

This is a poster of Kludd, Soren's older brother.
In this picture, Kludd has a scar over his eye.
Although I do recall Kludd becoming injured, the injury he received forced him to wear the metal mask, dubbing him Metal Beak.
If anyone has any ideas, PM me.

This is of Eglantine, Soren and Kludd's baby sister.
There is not much to derive from this image. Behind her is Tyto Forest, where the nest is located. And her smile creeps me and many other people out...
So we can move on.

This is Gylfie, a friend Soren meets while imprisoned at St. Aggie's at the beginning of the movie.
Yet again, there is not much we can get from the picture. Behind her is the Ga'hoole tree, which we have plenty of pictures of, and her smile creeps me out like Eglantines's did....
So let's continue.

This is an image of Digger, a burrowing owl that Soren and Gylfie meet on the wat to the Ga'Hoole tree after their escape.
This scenery is pretty unknown, although the two owls in the background with masks suggests his burrow is near St. Aggies.
It has been confirmed that Digger will be closer to crazy than thoughtful, as he was in the books.

This is a poster of Twilight, another owl that will join the band of Soren, Gylfie and Digger.
Although in the books they 9Soren and Gylfie) meet Twilight first, it appears that they will first meet up with Digger and perhaps not even come in contact with Twilight until the after the first half of the movie.
Twilight appears to be more civilized than in the books (he was very cocky), where he was like an owl Indiana Jones.

Metal Beak:
This is a poster of Metal Beak, one of the main antagonists.
In the books, Metal Beak was Kludd, but from all the info we have, it appears that the two are...well, two. (Kludd gets recruited by Nyra to help Metal Beak; Metal Beak doesn't have the right anatomy for a barn owl; we heard his voice on the trailer and it doesn't sound anything like Kludd; etc).
Kludd, at least, cannot be THE Metal Beak...

This is a poster of Nyra, the other main antagonist.
In the books, Nyra didn't appear in the first three books. Apprently, though, she is the "Gueen of St. Aggies" and the ruler of the Pure Ones. However, at least in the books, St. Aggies and the Pure ones were two very different rival evil organizations. However, the Pure Ones eventually take over, so it could be that they are speeding up time.
She also appears to wear "owl makeup" -__-

Anyway, sorry its so small and fuzzy. I'l try to fix that. At the very least, I'll make sure it doesn't happen in any of the other updates.


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