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Uploaded on Jul 1, 2009

Joseph Stalin -- the Stalinator

The Man of Steel is back to smash Trotskyism, Cosmopolitanism and Capitalism!

Bye bye Trotsky and modern fake Leftists! Look at
our black soviet boots, postwar punks! Joe Stalin is back! Trotskyites and anarcho-marxist punks will soil their pants! The modern Left is a joke! HAIL STALIN! ICE !!!

Are you ready for a REAL STALINATOR?

If you are a phony postwar "Leftist" and think Nationalism is wrong and there was no difference between Stalin and Trotsky or your cosmopolitical bullshit, be careful what comments you post because if they're childish or stupid, they WILL be deleted. I'm left-wing, what are YOU?

When the Wehrmacht invaded Russia in 1941, the Soviet defences collapsed. The size of Russia did, however, give Stalin time to think and what he came up with was really a nationalist branch of economic Socialism (National Socialism). Stalin revived the old ranks and orders of the Russian Imperial Army to make the Red Army simply the Russian Army and stressed patriotic appeals in his internal propaganda. He portrayed his war against Nazi Germany not as a second "Red" war but as "Vtoraya Otechestvennaya Vojna" -- The Second Patriotic War-- the first such war being the Tsarist defence against Napoleon. He deliberately put himself in the shoes of Russia's Tsars, though he was left-wing like all great revolutionaries.

Russian Nationalism proved as strong as its German equivalent and the war was turned around. And to this day, Russians still refer to the Second World War as simply "The Great Patriotic War". Stalin became a nationalist Leftist when he saw how effective that was in getting popular support.

And last but not least we have the original leftist Nationalist: Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the child and heir of the very first leftist revolution, the French Revolution and he is to this day lauded as the man who took the "ideals" of the French Revolution to the rest of Europe. Like all leftist dictators, he preached social equality (but did not really practice it back then) and built up around himself a cult of the leader that was very much the same as that built up around themselves by Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung etc. In the end it was mainly competition for power that set Hitler and Stalin on a collision course.

Although it's all readily available in the history books, practically none of it ever reaches public consciousness. Given that Hollywood, the media and the educational system are overwhelmingly left-leaning in the modern postwar sense, that is hardly a surprise. The modern Left (which is a politically correct joke), the Trotskyites and Anarcho-Marxists cannot AFFORD to have the public at large realize that the great Totalitarians and Bonapartist Nationalists of the 20th century were all revolutionary leftist Socialists, including Hitlerist Germany, and that modern postwar Leftists who oppose Nationalism are just fashionable stupid kids or politically correct human scum!

Stalin showed that National Socialism could be used effectively against another National Socialist, but it took Ho Chi Minh's regime and its Southern extension to demonstrate that National Socialism could even defeat the Great Republic (the United States). That Ho Chi Minh was a Socialist is hardly now disputable and it is also clear that he had Vietnamese Nationalism working for him in his fight against the American interventionists. Their foreignness made this easy to do. Note that the Viet Cong were formally known as the National Liberation Front. Their primary ostensible appeal was in fact national, though their Socialism was of course never seriously in doubt. So the Nationalism of Ho Chi Minh's regime gave it widespread support or at least co-operation in the South as well as in the North. Ho thus stole the emotional clothes of the conservatives as effectively as Hitler did and the magic mix of Nationalism and Socialism was once again shown to be capable of generating enormous military effectiveness against apparently forbidding odds.

So the simple explanation that works to explain Hitler's amazing challenge to the world also works to explain the equally amazing defeat of the world's mightiest military power by an relatively insignificant Third World Nation. A national-socialistic regime has such a strong emotional appeal that it galvanizes its subject population to Herculean efforts in a way that few other (if any) regimes can. It sounds about as crazy as you get to claim that it was "Nazis" that defeated the U.S. in Vietnam but this once again shows how National Socialism has been misunderstood and consequently underrated.


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