forever and always chapter 4





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Uploaded on Jan 3, 2009

kevins pov
i was really surprised when erin had gotten off the farris wheel...she wasnt crying..she semed rather happy...and it looked like joe and her were.............HOLDING HANDS!!!!!! omg...joe..erin.and thats the last thing i saw before it went black...

nicks pov
well i was still trying to finish my turkey leg off when i saw joe and erin get off..i scanned sround to find kevin and then .....BAM...he hit the ground....i threw my turkey leg behind me.....and i think i acidently hit someone.but im not sure...my brother was on the ground..not moving and i has to see what was wrong. as i approched him a croud gathered around him and i ahd to amnuve my self around it to get to kevin....i checked fo signs of life and he was breathing..but the wouldnt wake up..i looked around for joe and i was erin running towards me.

erins pov
me and joe were getting off the ferris wheel when i hurd lots a nearby gasps and i was a cury head guy laying on the ground not moving...he was unconchious(sp?) ..then i was nick running toward the man.........it was kevin!!!i ran as fast as i could with joe tagging alond behind me...when we reached the croud...nick dragged me and joe in to take care of kevin...i was taking medical classes at school so i knew all the signs of life and everything. i started listeningto him...he was breathing...his chest was pumping up and down...but we needed to get him to a hospital quick...we were losing him...he had to hit something hard becaude the was bleeding out from under his head...and theirs could be some internal bleeding....i rushed and took out my phone and calles 911..in 2 minutes they were there and the let joe ride with him so me and nick could take the car.of course i drived..when we got to the hospital, me and nick went to the waiting room...only to see joe pacing back in forth across the tile floor. he looked up and saw me and nick and rushed to hug us....
erin-so how is he
tears started to come from his eyes
joe-(gulp)..we dont know yet....they wont tell me.

tears started pouring down my cheeks...i couldnt afford to lose my "brother". i..we have had so many great times together.i said a silent prayer for him and cuddled up next to joe in a chair...i had a feeling we would be spending the night there.

joes pov
it had to be atleast 12:30 am when a nurse came to tell us the news.

nurse- anyone her for paul kevin jonas II??
joe-um right over here i slowly got up trying not to wake erin who fell asleep 2 hours ago.
joe-so how is he??

i had a little nervousness in my voice and it cracked at times.

nurse-he will be ok...but..he had major head trauma.... memory loss...you will have to nurse him back to a full memory... he will only remember the basics and the things close to his heart.
joe-ok thank you can wee see him now????
nurse-not now visiting hours are closed...but in the morning you can..it opens back up at 7:00.
joe-ok thank you

as i went to sit back down..erin woke up....

erin-whats going on???
joe-dont worry go back to sleep..ill tell you in the morning.

she layed her head back on my legs and went back to sleep...as for me...i couldnt...i couldnt imagin the thought of my brother not remembering me.

in the morning we all woke up and decided to get some breakfast and then headed up to see kevin..when we got to his room we opened the door and saw him lying there like he was lifeless..we went over to him and his eyes shot open....

yay he remembered me!!!!

erin-kevin how are you feeling??
kevin-i have a major headache
nick-i bet buddy..you hit that ground pretty hard...
kevin-did anyone call mom and dad??
erin-yeah their comming overe they should be here any minute now..
kevin-thx erin.........hey can i ask you something??
erin-uh yeah anything
kevin-will you bee my girlfriend???

erin started to cry, and i didnt know why

erin-kevin..um...im..kinda already dating some one else??
kevin-so you gave up on joe???
erin-we..not exactly....it is joe that im dating
kevin-woah...im sorry... i thought that...you..and.... joe...well..i thought he didnt like you??
kevin-i didnt know you had a thing for erin....plus arent you dating demi???
joe-NOOOOOOOOOOOO............ i broke up with her..now im going out with erin.......
erin-kevins its not that your not cute,smart atheletic because you are all thoes things...its because your like DUKE to me and i cant see mee going out with my "brother"...other than that i would absolutly go out with you....you see???
kevin-yeah.....i see
???-where is my baby
kevin -mom...dad???
denise-baby are you allright???
kevin-yeah mom im fine...
joe-mom me and erin need to tell you and dad somthings before you start communicating with him....
joe-in private....without kevin

we walked out in the hall ..........................

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