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Published on Apr 6, 2008

This specific run is a start to finish play-through of Silent Hill 2 on Normal Action/Normal Riddle with a finishing time of 45 minutes and 37 done in a MULTI mode; no special weapons or endings are allowed.

It's a NEW WORLD RECORD in finishing "Silent Hill 2" in this mode (previous - was also mine but I've improved the old one (by 1:07) before it has been published).

First "topic" - MISTAKES: no mistakes at all. Check it by yourself to get my point. Off course I don't say that it's not possible to be a little bit quicker. I estimate that 0,5-1 s. is all you can gain from every part/ location of the game. I wasn't just patient enough to play the same segment 500 times to "shave" another 0,1 - 0.2 s. from the whole trial.

"Next!" - So if the case "mistakes" is closed :P :) I can get to some key points which means the new strategies involved.

MARIA DAEMON - flawless victory: 3 hits (actually there is no way of doing it by less hits and faster too - Duke method also allows to do it by 3 hits but during my tests I've found out that it's ineffective and also a slower one - the chance that Maria will come exactly where she should be is really paltry and even then my method is a better one). All shots were made one by one which means optimized way of dealing with her. Still you have to be lucky to even doing what you have to do kill her with just 3 shots and in 16 s (WR) (counting also the scene after the battle). I've used bed as a cover and I didn't have worry as much as Duke when he was doing his tactics (there are other minuses of his strategy but I guess everything will be quite visible on our videos).

THE HANGING MEN - flawless victory: this strategy is based on risk. Who doesn't like risking, won't win what he wants. During my playing when I see the opportunity to gain some "extra" time, I don't miss such a chance (I've involved it even in my SINGLE run).

Killing "The Hanging Men" only by 9 shots (WR) is extremely hard and is also a risky one. It happens that the battle lasts less than 30 s. (comparing: Duke's time at this fight is just 42 s. ). Still it wouldn't be possible without discovering the weakness of these "guys" (apparently Duke hasn't found out about that).

When I get unlucky choosing the "risky thing" I know I'll make it next time. It's also a part of the game. I consider using only "safe" methods as a loss of possibilities/opportunities.

2PH - flawless victory: my favourite one:P:));). I'm the specialist when it comes to these 2 "Pyramid Thing". I've invented my own strategy against them and moreover it works perfectly (like it was with MARIA DAEMON). It is also a weaker side of my opponent - Duke. I had my trials when I didn't get hit at all (even in my SINGLE runs). My "normal" time of fighting with them amount 20-24 seconds (WR) ( I mean the "pure" time of battling) - it's also the best possible time to get here. Duke has lost 39 seconds (only counting the "pure" time of fighting) during his 50:25 attempt.

PH - flawless victory: my time of battle 1:00 - 1:01 (at once), Duke's: 1:05.

EDDIE - one hit taken (like Duke; it's also the reason why at the "GAME RESULT" I have 15 pts of total damage( so treat it as zero)) because with this tactics the probability of getting punched by Eddie is "fifty fifty" (with no influence from the player), besides everything went perfect. In every part I was tens of a second quicker - the time of reaction was the matter. But as I know from my experience when you play in a SINGLE mode, at the end you're starting to react (most of the times) a bit slower (it's not a general if it comes to me but it happens).

ABSTRACT DADDY - the same (as Duke).

The ones I've invented are mostly quicker than the ones which Duke has figured out. Some others have guaranteed my safety but were just unuseful to that task.

All fights were executed as fast as possible.


As you will see I've used all legal "shaves" to cut some time off. I estimate that thanx to that I've "spared" ca. 50 s., so transferring this result to the SINGLE mode the score would be ca. 46:27.

I can predict that the best possible result to get (with these settings) is ca. 45:20 and it's possible ONLY with the maximum amount of luck in every puzzle and with fights done at least as good as I did. Even so, it's a God damn good run with no mistakes and no damages taken (except these necessary ones) - "flawless victory":P :] (Shang Tsung).

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or questions just let me know: introverder667@wp.pl.

PC version single segment 0:47:54 by Adam Titowicz.


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