1. NYC Mom Finds 2 Children Stabbed (NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Conference)

  2. Nanny Allegedly Stabs, Kills Two Children in NYC

  3. Felica Garcia 15-Year-Old Girl Jumps Off Train After Being Bullied By Footbal Players

  4. Mega Church Shooting Killer Caught

  5. Man Shot Dead At Creflo Dollar's Church (Former Employee is the Killer)

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Man Shot Dead At Creflo Dollar's Church (Where Was The Anointing?)

  7. 13-Year-Old Boy From Detroit Abducted From School & Raped By 2 Men!

  8. Bank Robbery Suspects Toss Money During Chase Ending in Mob Scene

  9. HIV revelation leads to Dallas woman's murder

  10. Police Shoot Black Mentally ill Man More Than 30 Times In Cold Blood

  11. Florida Man Charged With Hate Crime Says He 'Only Shot a N-WORD'

  12. Crystal Springs Church Members Respond to Denying Black Couple's Wedding

  13. Black Couple Told They Can't Get Married In Christian Baptist Church

  14. Woman Dies After Having an Abortion

  15. Man Found Guilty Commits Suicide In The Courtroom!

  16. Christian Pastor Frank Ray Accused of Trying To Run Over Wife With Bentley

  17. Update On The JAMES FORTUNE Burning Stepson In Hot Water Case

  18. Christian Pastor and His Wife Gambled Away $430,000 from Houston Church Funds

  19. Asian Sex Predator Student Admits to Secretly Stalking, Recording Women

  20. Panhandling parents charged after leaving infant out in Sun

  21. Katherine Amanda Charged For Neglecting and Starving Infant Son

  22. Malnourished Girl Locked In Dark Closet For 10 Days By Her Own Mother! in Kansas City

  23. 17-Year-Old White Boy From Memphis Found Guilty Of Raping His 2-Year-Old Sister

  24. 2 men Arrested for Videotaped Los Angeles Freeway Beating

  25. 11-Year-Old Given Hormone Therapy By Lesbians So He Can Choose Gender Causes Controversy

  26. Mother Starves Her 16 Year Old Daughter To Death

  27. Police Shoot Woman in Brooklyn-2

  28. Police Shoot Woman in Brooklyn-1

  29. Creflo Dollar Denies Punching and Choking Daughter and He Blasted Investigators

  30. Pastor Creflo Dollar ARRESTED For Allegedly CHOKING His Daughter

  31. Teen Shoots Self In Head On a Dare

  32. Pastor Oliver White Gay Marriage Stance Cost Him His Flock

  33. 35-Year-Old Married Brooklyn Teacher Busted For Having Sex With 16yr Old Student!

  34. Penis Consumed By Flesh Eating Bacteria From Penile Implant (Vanity Vanity)

  35. Male Student Suspended For Wearing A Skirt (SMH)

  36. This is What Happens When You Don't Love Yourself (VANITY ALL IS VANITY)

  37. Jay-Z Supports Obama's Gay Marriage Proposal!

  38. Mother Kills Her Baby Daddy Over Cheap Mother's Day Present!

  39. Officer Not Punished After Admitting He Kicked 9-Month Pregnant Woman In The Stomach!

  40. Jodi Rock Burned Her Baby and Broke Bones in His Body

  41. 30-Year-Old Florida Teacher Arrested For Having Sex with 16-Year-Old Disabled Student!

  42. Obama Support Homosexual Marriages

  43. RingoNewsArchive: US Government admits to spreading sexual diseases in the population!

  44. Ohio Pastor Puts A Stripper Pole In Church So People Could Get Horny and Lustful

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  93. Whitney Houston dies at 48

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