K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah





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Published on Apr 3, 2007

K.D. Lang's Juno Awards in Winnipeg in 2005 Performance on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Thank you Ken!

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Nia the Gulf Gypsy
RIP Leonard. This is perhaps the most perfect version of this song. KD Lang has a voice that weaves this song into the fabric of your soul.
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Grandma Liz's Kisses
I love you K.D. Lang. My spirit lifts so high every time I hear you sing this. You are so special.
Almost 12 years ago and I remember this performance like the earth stopping event that it was. Looking around at the other people in the audience and seeing them slack jawed, realizing we were all sharing something really, really special. Still a top 5 in my life to this day. I wish you could have been there to hear her sing it. The standing ovation petered out as seen in this video, but then rallied again for another 4 or so minutes. She started crying... and we applauded even stronger...
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Jenny Smith
My God, this is beautiful. I can feel the words from her soul. Rip Mr. Cohen💔
Jackie Phillips
She has one of the most beautiful voices ever! I could listen to this song 24 hours a day! I love that she performs in bare feet. Pure vegan at heart!
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Fred Matthews
RIP Leaonard. My favourite performance of my favourite Cohen song.
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Dean Robertson
When my grandson--my first and almost certainly only grandchild--was about two months old, I started playing this video for him on my laptop as he lay on my big bed. He was absolutely mesmerized from the first time. He is now 18 months old and every time he comes to my house, which is at least once a week, we watch this video--over and over and over. We have graduated from the laptop and the bed to the television and my big armchair, but he never tires of this song or k.d. lang. Sometimes when he's ready to crawl up in my lap he'll just point to the remote control and say, "k.d." He's working hard to say "Hallelujah." I cannot imagine a lovelier influence on anyone than Leonard Cohen and K.D. Lang. His current favorite is her performance for Cohen and the Canadian Awards ceremony when they embrace and exchange the Buddhist greeting. I wish they both could know what kind of impact they have had on this small boy's life. I have been a follower of Leonard Cohen since I was a seventeen year old college student in 1963. A brilliant and tormented and beautiful beautiful man. His new album has an inscription in his own handwriting--himeni--the Hebrew word for "I'm ready." Leonard Cohen, you will be missed. It has been a terrible week of losses.
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hdkd jdjdja
God bless you Leonard Cohen.make your music in heaven.
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Shirley Florence
She is the only 1 that can sing this, her voice is,total perfection. Makes me cry too Thank You Mr Cohen R.I.P,
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Dave Organ
(Bows in humility) For most of my life, I was straight-laced, unforgiving, uncompromising and very specific in my views. KD Lang started the transition with this unbelievable performance. I knew she was lesbian and I hated her for that. To my great shame, I called her "Ugly" and "Dyke". This incredible performance rocked me to the core; it opened my eyes to the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of my life. At 50 years of age, I'm finally starting to learn about the wonderful complexity and love of people not exactly like myself - and I'm learning how wrong I've been for half a century. To learn that I have, in fact, been the thing I hated most: a bigot - shamed me so completely I've had to relearn and reconsider everything I've held "true". Who cares about gender? Who cares about type? Those are categories, nothing more. What matters - as I learned at this moment (which I saw live) is love; and love is more powerful than any self-appointed false beliefs. True love blasts through stereotypes, ignorance and prejudice like a tidal wave; love sweeps away all false notions of gender-specified sex. I'm totally straight, I will never experience interest an any male companion but at last I at least understand why another man might - in emotional terms at least. I'll never understand the alternate orientations, but I do understand they are as powerful, loving and true as the biblically-determined love between man and woman.I may not be a new man, nor a well-educated one, but I must admit I'm having a lot more fun. :)
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