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Published on Apr 8, 2014

tips on saving money on electricity http://j.mp/1gGQhnd

And here it is... Here's the TRUTH!

Our government actually WANTS us to struggle each month as we scrape the bottom of our penny jars to pay these energy crooks. It's all part of their plan!

Even with sky high electricity rates our Government is doing nothing to help us out... In fact, they are doing just the opposite! And I've got the proof!
But, we don't have to put up with this MADDNESS any longer!

I'm going to share my secret underground "trick" that will allow you to beat big energy at their own game and pay ZERO for your electricity and heating costs - without breaking the law!

That's right - this is 100% legal, in fact, 56,700 fellow Patriots are already using my simple trick!

Plus you'll discover the 3 things you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want to eliminate your bill for good!

FAIR WARNING: I'm getting pressure from 'the powers-that-be' to take this website down!

After all - energy is a multi-BILLION dollar industry...

And the things I'm gonna to share with you today are somewhat "frowned upon" by the big wigs at Pacific Gas & Electric, Edison & co...

So read this right now, before I'm forced to take it down...

You may think you've tried it all, or seen all, when it comes to reducing your power bill...

Yet I can guarantee you've NEVER seen anything like what I'm about to reveal to you today...

However, I want to first share a really personal, and somewhat embarrassing story with you about how I stumbled upon this energy "blueprint"...

When you read my story, you going to know exactly what I was going through because I bet your making the exact same mistakes I did...

First off you probably want to know a bit about me?

Michael gave me some very rough plans on a napkin to get me started.

I was so excited to start generating my own independent source of energy for my family that I couldn't wait another day.

So as soon as I squeezed as much info from Michael as I could I rushed home, took out Michaels rather primitive napkin plans and got to work.

We finally did it!

To be 100% honest with you, it wasn't an overnight success. in fact, The final copy of our DIY solar blueprints wasn't finished until 3 years after that conversation with Michael!

It took so long because we tested it and re-tested it. We wanted our DIY solar plans to be so simple that literally ANYBODY, even with little to zero building experience, could build their complete solar setup in a matter of days.

Our final test?

We gave our plans to 43 solar newbies (both male and female) and came back in 7 days to see what they had built.

In 7 days, every single one of our test subjects were able to successfully build and setup their own independent source of energy.

It was the solid proof we needed. We now knew that anybody, no matter their age, sex or even location, could become self-reliant and protect themselves from the greedy energy corporations that only want to squeeze more money from our bank accounts.
• The exact materials to buy and where to get them for the cheapest possible price.

• How to achieve an "Expandable" system so you can start small, and build on your system as you save money. This little trick will allow you to start your system with the smallest possible outlay.

• How to correctly size your system so you don't make costly mistakes.

• Like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter, you'll also discover how to cheaply store your energy for later use.

The solar will charge batteries while the suns out which will give you access to electricity 24 hours a day. You will ever find yourself sitting in the dark due to a power outage or black out!

Earth4Energy also includes plenty of diagrams, charts, and tables which you can easily follow! Allowing you to achieve unlimited electricity, quicker and far easier than you've ever dreamed possible.

Listen: I've got to be totally honest with you, so there's nothing left to chance...

If you're looking for yet another list of new energy 'fads' that are here today, gone tomorrow... this isn't for you...

And If you are looking for some silly fad that promises free energy from the air perhaps pay a visit to FantasyEnergyLand.com (No, that site doesn't exist!) ...

Earth4Energy isn't pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense - it's the real deal, and it's only for folks like you who are really serious about their eliminating their power bills for good and providing a reliable source of energy for their family!

I've NEVER heard of any other proven, enduring, energy system that has the backing of THOUSANDS of home owners...

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