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Published on May 19, 2015

Assembling and Operation of the Electric Cream Separator # 19

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Wash all separator parts (excluding the base with motor) in a soapy warm water and rinse

Assemble the drum. There is no A and B type discs. All discs are the same. Put them in one by one in any order. Put one at a time to make sure each disc sits in place.

Tighten the drum using the key that comes with the unit

You can regulate the cream thickness by turning the small screw in the drum in (for thicker cream) and out for less fat. Please check out this blog posts by Grass Food for more info


Fasten the separator for stability. The separator has to be bolted down to a table top. If you do not have a room for it, bolt it to the piece of board and fasten to the table top with claws for separation. Later you can store it while bolted to the board.

Assemble the separator.

Make sure the milk flow is closed before pouring the milk (or water) in the bowl

We recommend to run warm water through the separator first, before the separation. To warm up the gears and to make sure everything is set up properly.

If you start with milk and the unit is not assembled the way it should, you’ll just waste the milk.

(This is just a recommendation and not a requirement. you can start with the milk and skip the water part)

Pour warm water in the milk bowl first. Before that make sure the milk flow opening is closed in the milk bowl

Turn on the unit and wait for it to get to the full speed. Only then slowly open the valve and allow the water to go through.

Have the warm milk ready. Proper temperature for separation is 100F or 37C. I recommend to warm up the milk to about 110F or 43C, because it will get colder when you pour it in and during separation.

After the water is out, without turning off the unit, close the valve and pour the milk into the milk bowl.

Start to slowly open the valve allowing milk to get into the separator. Once you see that the unit starts processing the milk , the valve can be fully open. Regulate the flow depending on the situation

Please watch out troubleshooting vide to see what happens if the milk is poured in the non working unit.

After separation run skimmed milk through the separator to wash all the cream out from the drum.

Turn the unit off and wait for full stop

Disassemble the unit and wash parts in warm soapy water. The clean up process is very fast and simple if done right after the separation

Dry the parts and assemble the drum. It will be ready for the next separation.

Wipe the base clean. Do not wash the base with electric motor!

Store the unit until the next time

Now you have fresh cream and skimmed milk.

Enjoy the cream with coffee, for cooking, make fresh butter

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the use of the cream separator

Please not that all other electric models we sell operate the same way

For manual models, please watch the videos about assembling and operating manual models

To avoid any problems, watch out troubleshooting video before the separation


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Video by: Vasilisa Vasilieva
Music by : Kevin MacLeod


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