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Published on Aug 20, 2010

The person who posed a really valid question according to him is answered by Dr. Zakir Naik himself in his speech which is attached with this post. Also the source link is given here

have a look at it please and don't get deceived by these type of people (like the person who just given statement after the answer of the question through audio recording) who takes statements out of context.

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Mean Fuqer
peace tv... LOL
Glenys Wiseman
nonsense...all books are man made, and koran has errors of that era in it why would you call those who can read.think for themselves and who have the strength not to accept being shackled/lied to as traitors as you show, islam is for the gullible...and so very immoral and insecure of course people with morals/values/intellect reject islamic law...muslim women in canada even voted against it
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Abdus-Samad Mohammed
This guy saying Islam is like 2+2=4 without any reason behind it, criticizing every other religion saying they're like wrong math problems wtf. Chill your ignorance man
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So according to zakirs example , it proves that for muslims , non-muslims are enemies.  
Richard Branche
dr zakir knows nothing about christianity.jesus said I am the way the truth and the light no man comes to the Father but by me. Jesus is the only way to heaven according to the bible.eitherzakir is a liar or ignorant of the bible
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Baz Maz
Well, what if the West banned conversion to Islam or Muslims to immigrate? I mean look at the attitude of Naik. He says that people of Muslim background cannot leave their religion and openly state they don't. Okay. I don't care if someone calls himself or herself Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist. Keep your religion to yourself. And if you don't believe in true freedom of religion, please don't immigrate to the West. Stay where you are and enjoy your economic situation. Not our problem. Anyway, the way they are preaching Islam, it is kind of a religion of insecure people. If you don't believe the way I do, my petty, insecure person called a God has no confidence and needs people killed. He is comparing leaving a religion to betraying your country. Well, in the West and the US we don't really kill traitors. We put them in prison. And a traitor can put your people physically in danger. What danger is to you physically if someone doesn't believe in your faith? I'm sorry, but the answer does not work.
So the only book that is crap and false is Quran...as it is a lie...
What the heck??? Are muslims so dumb....
Markus GH
"Nowhere in the Bible does it say Christianity is the only right religion." Hmmm. It does. "Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6 It's extremely sad to see an ignorant man like Zakir Naik has a following. What did Jesus say about the blind leading the blind? He said they will both fall into a pit! Matthew 15:14
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Faisal Jhandir
As per Quran, an apostate shall not be punished in this World. Only Allah is the judge for such matters and how can there be punishment before judgement? Allah may guide the apostate back to Islam if He wills. Quran says that basically a believer who becomes disbeliever and dies as a disbeliever then Allah will not forgive him. So it tells you that till his death Allah has left the door open for him to return to Islam. Another place it says that a believer who becomes a disbeliever and then a believer and then a disbeliever and then increases in disbelief then Allah will not forgive him and nor will he guide him to the path. So it means Allah gives one chance for an apostate to return to Islam and after that he puts a seal on his heart. But even then there is no punishment for him by fellow humans as there is no compulsion in Islam. In Bible though an apostate punishment is to be killed. Dr. Naik has suggested the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) killed people for apostasy. First of all I do not believe that at all because Quran is very clear on the roles of the Prophets. They were just supposed to be messengers and not guardian or controllers or dictators of peoples religion. So is Dr. Naik suggesting that Prophet Muhammad did not understand his role as outlined multiple times clearly in Quran? So is Dr. Naik really accusing Prophet Muhammad of disobeying Allah's direct orders? No one is guardian over anyone else's religious choices. Why would it matter to Prophet Muhammad or any other muslim even if the whole World gave up Islam. No one is going to be asked about anyone else's beliefs and choices and actions. Punishing apostates is against the fundamental philosophy of Islam in so many ways. It is oppressive and was invented after Muhammad died to control people. Islam is a religion not a cult that once you join then you cannot leave. You are free to leave Islam if you want and also everyone is free to make fun of Islam and Quran and all the Prophets including Prophet Muhammad. Of course Allah will punish them but no other human can stop them or punish them. There is justice and freedom in Islam. Everyone shall bear the burden of their own sins. Quran says " do not sit with people who make fun of Allah's verses till they change the topic". That's it. "Do not sit with them till they change the topic". May be Allah will guide the apostates and blasphemers one day. Leave them alone. Peace
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