NEXT MARKET CRASH: 8 Ways to Prepare for Economic Collapse




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Published on Nov 6, 2018

How to Prepare for the Next Market Crash. Patrick Bet-David shares the importance of being ready when the market crashes and eight ways you can prepare for it. Subscribe to Valuetainment: http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4

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Knowledge Extra Power
Wait, what about this level of debt? What about the student loan bubble? We didn't have those in the last recession. What about the loss of savings that is insured by the FDIC ? ??? How are they going to generate that cash during a global recession anchored down by failed socialist states>!>>!?!??!?! The Chinese are holding more fake wealth than actual wealth.
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Peterson Teixeira
Correct, my friend. But here's the cold harsh reality. This below is just some of America's debt. CREDIT CARD DEBT - 911 Billion dollars ($50.000 per household) MORTGAGE DEBT - 8.9 Trillion dollars AUTO LOANS - 1.2 Trillion dollars STUDENT LOANS - 1.4 Trillion dollars Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C40VR0Y_3KQ#t=01m32s But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some cute things we also need to worry about: OBS: Because I don't want to post too many links, just Google search my name then find these articles in The Market Mastery section. 1. Google’s New Algorithm Creates Original Articles From Your Content (A.I Article #57) 2. Amazon’s Clever Machines Are Moving From The Warehouse to Headquarters (A.I. Article #55) 3. Suncor to Cut 400 Jobs as It Rolls Out Self-Driving Trucks (A.I. Article #40) 4. What News-Writing Bots Mean for The Future of Journalism (A.I. Article #24) 5. A World Without Work (A.I. Article #14) 6. The Chinese Government’s, Long, Sordid History of Data-doctoring (Secrets of The Market #78) 7. China Ups Military Spending 8% Amidst Ambitious Modernization Drive (Business Article #135) 8. China Has 9 of The World’s 20 Biggest Tech Companies (Business Article #132) 9. China is Weaponizing Capital (Business Article #134) 10. Mashable and Buzzfeed Are More Bad News for Online Media (Business Article #88) 11. Israel’s Ailing Teva to Cut 25% of Global Workforce in Recovery Effort (Business Article #77) 12. Whitney Tilson to Shut Hedge Fund After Sustained Poor Returns (Business Article #94) 13. The ECB Morphs into the Mother of All "Bad Banks" (Business Article #79) 14. Supermarkets Bankruptcies Are Beginning to Pile Up (Business Article #170) But wait, there's more. We now have the problem of natural resources becoming more scarce. 15. Is The World Running Out of Sand? (Business Article #112) CONCLUSION: There's definitely a "Black Swan" coming, which will likely be triggered by a USA x China conflict resulting in World War III. Because once you put all these facts together: Global economic crisis + huge piles of debt + geopolitical conflicts + too many bubbles (stocks, loans, crypto, government debt etc)...there's no way out. This obviously WILL result in one last World War. Take care. PETERSON TEIXEIRA Professional Consulting Consulting Projects: http://petersonteixeira.com/consultancy-services Coaching Projects: http://petersonteixeira.com/coaching-services Big Companies & Entrepreneurs
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Ayoub MZ
Ways to Prepare for the Next Market Crash 1 - Sell a portion of your biggest winners 2- Make gold a small part of your portfolio 3- Make bonds part of your long-term portfolio, too 4- buy/ Invest in real estate 5- Build up an emergency fund Congrats Pat on your first MILLION subs
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Zachary Laid Finding Freedom
“Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy” - Warren Buffet
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Russell Fernandez
Congratulations Patrick on your first MILLION Subscribers 🎉🎉
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Epic Mentality
Market crash is amazing for us investors, you can buy a lot of amazing stocks that are on sale and make a lot of money.
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I felt so pumped watching this video that I had to share it with some friends that are in the same road as me to be a succesful experts in their industries. I love the fire and the truth Patrick splits here!!!
Jonathan Thomas
1 Million!!!! Congratulations. Valuetainment has changed my life. I will forever be grateful for the Valuetainment team!!!
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contact compte
I will celebrate your 1 million subscriber by quiting my job and start my own company
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Neil PM
Educated people should not fear a crash
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Chase White
This dude is a legend.
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