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Uploaded on Jan 9, 2011

karaniya metta sutta

Karanîya mattha kusalena
He who is skilled in doing good,
Yantam santam padam abhi-samecca
and who wishes to attain that state of calm (i.e. Nibbana) should act thus :
Sakko ujû ca sûjû ca
He should be able, upright, perfectly upright,
Suvaco cassa mudu anatimâni
obedient, gentle and humble.

Santussako ca subharo ca
Contented, easily supportable (not a burden to others),
Appa-kicco ca sallahuka-vutti
with few duties, simple in livelihood.
Santindriyo ca nipako ca
Controlled in senses, discreet, not impudent;
Appa-gabbho kulesu ananu giddho
Not greedily attached to families.

Naca khuddham samâcare kinci
He should not commit any slight wrong,
Yena viññû pare upava-deyyum
so that other wise men might deplore
Sukhino vâ khemino hontu
May all beings be happy and safe,
Sabbe sattâ bhavantu sukhi-tattâ
may their hearts be happy.

Ye keci pâna bhû-tatthi
Whatsoever living beings that exist;
Tasâvâ thâvarâ vâ anava sesâ
weak, or strong, without exception,
Dighâ vâ ye mahantâ vâ
long, stout or medium,
Majjhimâ-rassa-kânuka thûlâ
short, small or large.

Ditthâ vâ yeva additthâ
Those seen (visible) or unseen (not visible)
Ye ca dûre vasanti avidûre
and those dwelling far or near,
Bhûtâ vâ sambhavesi vâ
those who are born and those who are to be born.
Sabbe sattâ bhavantu sukhi-tattâ
May all beings, without exception, be happy minded.

Na paro param nikubbetha
Let no one deceive another
Nâti-mannêtha katthaci nam kanci
nor despise anyone anywhere.
Byâro-sanâ patigha-saññâ
In anger or ill will,
Nâññâ-maññassa dukkha-miccheyya
let them not wish each other harm.

Mâtâ yathâ niyam puttam
Just as a mother would guard her only child
Âyusâ eka-putta-manu rakkhe
at the risk of her own life,
Evampi sabba bhûtesu
even so towards all beings
Mânasam-bhâvaye apari-mânam
let him cultivate boundless mind.

Mettañca sabba lôkasmin
Let thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world;
Manasam-bhâvaye apari-mânam
above, below and across
Uddham adhô ca tiriyanca
without any obstruction,
Asam-bâdham averam asa-pattam
without any hatred, without any enmity.

Tittham caram nisinno vâ
Whether he stands, walks, sits
Sayâno vâ yâva tassa vigata middho
or lies down, as long as he is awake,
Etam satim adhitthheyya
he should develop this mindfulness.
Brahma metam viharam idha-mâhu
This they say is the Highest conduct here.

Ditthiñca anupa gamma sîlavâ
Not falling into (wrong) views,
Dassa-nena sampanno
virtuous and endowed with vision (insight),
Kâmesu vineyya gedham
he discards attachment to sensuous desires.
Nahi jâtu gabbha seyyam punaretî ti
Truly, he does not come again; to be conceived in a womb.

Etena sacca vajjena - Sotthi me/te hotu sabbadâ
By the firm determination of this truth may I/you ever be well.
Etena sacca vajjena - Sabba rogo vinasatu
By the firm determination of this truth may I/you be free from illness.
Etena sacca vajjena - Hotu me/te jaya mangalam
By the firm determination of this truth may peaceful victory be mine/yours!

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