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Published on Nov 11, 2012

Medicine for a Ghost (trailer for the new Tam Lin album, Spring 2013)

Paul Weinfeld
Brittany Markert
Syrie Moskowitz

directed by Syrie Moskowitz
music by Tam Lin

A Moonweasel Production

Tam Lin is making another album! It's called Medicine For a Ghost, and it's our most ambitious project to date -- a lush, sweeping record about memory, loss, and healing, a carousel of stories, guitars, strings, rhymes, horns, and synths. We're so happy to have you on board with us as we set sail on this amazing voyage!

The best part of all, though, is that Medicine For a Ghost is going to be 100 percent FREE to own, download, and share. Between now and the end of this year, we will be relying on your generosity to help us make something that everyone can own, regardless of what he or she can give. That means that no matter what you feel inspired to donate -- and even if you donate nothing at all -- the album will be yours by the spring of 2013. For free. For real. 

I get asked a lot, "Why make your music free? Doesn't that send a message that what you do has no value?" And the answer I always give is, "We make our music free because it has so much value." The most important things in life -- love, wisdom, coincidences -- have no price tag, and our music is no different. Making free music frees us from commercial constraints. We simply make the best art possible and take pride in letting the beauty we love be what we do.

I also get asked a lot, "Does it actually work to make a free album?" And the answer I always give is, "When people aren't forced to give, they end up giving more." This is the philosophy we used in 2011 to raise nearly $10,000 for Garden In Flames (which is still available for free download at http://tamlin.bandcamp.com/) Our model worked so well, not only because we put music in the hands of our fans, but also because we aligned that record with an important social cause, donating nearly $1,000 of what we raised to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. That experience showed us that regardless of the fears people have around money (and I'm no stranger to those fears,) the reality is that generosity works. It really does. 

So in the spirit of full transparency, here's the situation: Medicine For a Ghost will cost us about $15,000 to make. In today's world, that's not a lot to spend on an album, but it certainly is a lot of money for any one person. So what we're trying to do is distribute the costs of production so widely and thinly that no one feels the burden. In other words: small donations work! No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something. Spreading the word (posting on Facebook, tweeting, etc.) is also a wonderful form of generosity. You feel good, we feel good, and together we get to do something great. 
Those of us who live in New York City have obviously been through a lot this past month. Hurricane Sandy has left thousands of people without heat, power, water, and other basic necessities of life. Because of this, we have decided to align the making of Medicine for a Ghost with another type of "medicine" for those displaced from the hurricane. We will be donating a portion of the money we raise for the album to NYC-based relief efforts for people in the Rockaways and other areas hurt most by the storm.

This is how it will work:

After we reach the mark of $5,000, we'll play a benefit concert (location TBA) to raise even more money for hurricane relief. 

Once we reach $10,000, we'll be giving 10 percent of all money we raise to to those hurt by the hurricane. 

The healing properties of music are deep. A melody or a lyric can repair the soul's cuts and bruises -- but so can the way we make music. When we come together, build community together, send our talents and love out into the world together, we heal the fractures and rifts between us. It's a beautiful prospect. I'm very grateful to be able to make Medicine For a Ghost, for you and with you. 

Love and light,

Paul and the Tam Lin family

"Tam Lin revolves around beguiling local singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield, whose soft, questing songs suggest nights at home listening to Jeff Buckley and/or falling in love....[a] mellifluous new album." Time Out New York

"...an intricate maze of Dylanesque lyrics and melodies... a singer/songwriter who is blazing his own path across the Americana/Folk landscape." Dan Harr, Music News Nashville

"...unafraid to push musical boundaries." Nancy Dunham, No Depression

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  1. 1

    Fever Birds

  2. 2

    TamLin - Waiting To Touch the Ground (Live at The Slipper Room, 11-14-13)

  3. 3

    Paul Weinfield - Dirty Blvd (Lou Reed cover)

  4. 4

    Tam Lin - The Leopard - Live at CMJ Music Marathon (2013)

  5. 5

    Tam Lin - Bedouin Moon - Live at CMJ 2013

  6. 6

    Tam Lin - Golden Apples [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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    paul weinfield - bedouin moon (demo)

  8. 8

    paul weinfield - another birth (based on a poem by farrokhzad)

  9. 9

    paul weinfield - marigold bride

  10. 10

    Tam Lin/Paul Weinfield - Four Horses (demo).m4v

  11. 11

    Paul Weinfield - The Other Life (demo).m4v

  12. Medicine For a Ghost (trailer for the new Tam Lin album)

  13. 13

    Paul Weinfield - Phoenix (demo).m4v

  14. 14

    Paul Weinfield - Medicine For a Ghost (demo).m4v

  15. 15

    Paul Weinfield - Orphan Girl (cellphone recording).m4v

  16. 16

    Paul Weinfield - Buckets of Rain (cellphone recording).m4v

  17. 17

    Paul Weinfield - One of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Leonard Cohen cover).m4v

  18. 18

    Paul Weinfield - Circle (Edie Brickell Cover).m4v

  19. 19

    Paul Weinfield - Nothing Can Change This Love (Sam Cooke Cover).m4v

  20. 20

    Paul Weinfield - Golden Apples (demo).m4v

  21. 21

    Tam Lin - Field of Reeds.m4v

  22. 22

    Tam Lin - Waiting to Touch the Ground.m4v

  23. 23

    Tam Lin - Fever Birds.m4v

  24. 24

    Tam Lin - Garden in Flames.m4v

  25. 25

    Tam Lin - Lionheart.m4v

  26. 26

    Tam Lin - Song of the Maharaja.m4v

  27. 27

    Tam Lin - Solomons Baby.m4v

  28. 28

    Tam Lin - Money.m4v

  29. 29

    Tam Lin - One Woman, Many Women, No Woman: Love.m4v

  30. 30

    Tam Lin live at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn (5/21/11): "Begin Again"

  31. 31

    Tam Lin - Paul Weinfield and Mike Shobe backstage in 2008

  32. 32

    Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin - Solomon's Baby (demo).mp4

  33. 33

    Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin - Lionheart (demo)

  34. 34

    Paul Weinfield - Windhorse.mp4

  35. 35

    Paul Weinfield - Free and Easy Wandering.mp4

  36. 36

    Paul Weinfield - Adam's Garden.m4v

  37. 37

    Paul Weinfield - Pigeon's Blood.m4v

  38. 38

    Paul Weinfield - The Ancient Sun.m4v

  39. 39

    Paul Weinfield - The Naked Afternoon.m4v

  40. 40

    Paul Weinfield - Japanese Paper Moon

  41. 41

    Paul Weinfield - Jubilee.m4v

  42. 42

    Paul Weinfield - Judas Tree.m4v

  43. 43

    Paul Weinfield - Porcelain Boy.m4v

  44. 44

    Paul Weinfield - Dark Heart.m4v

  45. 45

    Paul Weinfield - The Season's Final Colors.m4v

  46. 46

    Paul Weinfield - River of Love.m4v

  47. 47

    Paul Weinfield - Walk In Beauty.m4v

  48. 48

    Paul Weinfield - Siddhartha.m4v

  49. 49

    Paul Weinfield - No Masters No Gods No Curfews.m4v

  50. 50

    Paul Weinfield - Cruel April.m4v

  51. 51

    Paul Weinfield - Ship of Light.m4v

  52. 52

    Paul Weinfield - Knives Out (Radiohead cover).m4v

  53. 53

    Paul Weinfield - Share Your Love With Me (Bobby Bland cover).m4v

  54. 54

    Paul Weinfield - Beautiful Boy (John Lennon cover).m4v

  55. 55

    Paul Weinfield - Fly (Nick Drake cover).m4v

  56. 56

    Paul Weinfield - As (Stevie Wonder cover).m4v

  57. 57

    Paul Weinfield - It's Over (Roy Orbison cover).m4v

  58. 58

    Paul Weinfield - This Must Be the Place (Talking Heads cover).m4v

  59. 59

    Paul Weinfield - More Than This (Roxy Music cover).mp4

  60. 60

    Paul Weinfield - Being With You (Smokey Robinson cover).mp4

  61. 61

    Paul Weinfield - Through My Sails (Neil Young cover).mp4

  62. 62

    Paul Weinfield - Down In a Hole (Alice In Chains cover).mp4

  63. 63

    Paul Weinfield - Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan Cover).mp4

  64. 64

    Paul Weinfield - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover).mp4

  65. 65

    Paul Weinfield - Sinnerman (Nina Simone cover).mp4

  66. 66

    Paul Weinfield - Damaged (Primal Scream cover).mp4

  67. 67

    Paul Weinfield - These Arms of Mine (Otis Redding cover).mp4

  68. 68

    Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin - In the Twilight (Album Version)

  69. 69

    Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin - Anna Lee (Album Version)

  70. 70

    Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin - The Age of Ignorance (Album Version)

  71. 71

    Paul Weinfield/Tam Lin - Begin Again (Album Version)

  72. 72

    Tam Lin - The Age of Ignorance (Live at Southpaw, NYC, 06-30-2009)

  73. 73

    Tam Lin - River of Love (Live at Southpaw, NYC, 06-30-09)

  74. 74

    Tam Lin - Field of Reeds (Live at Southpaw, NYC, 06-30-2009)

  75. 75

    Tam Lin - Lucia (Home Recording)

  76. 76

    Tam Lin - Lua (Bright Eyes Cover)

  77. 77

    Tam Lin - Stay Hungry

  78. 78

    Tam Lin - Lucia

  79. 79

    Tam Lin - Glory Box (Portishead/John Martyn Cover)

  80. 80

    Tam Lin - Mama You Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan Cover)

  81. 81

    Tam Lin - Adam's Garden

  82. 82

    Tam Lin - Bring It On Home to Me (cover)

  83. 83

    Tam Lin - Anna Lee

  84. 84

    Tam Lin - Porcelain Boy

  85. 85

    Tam Lin - Siddhartha

  86. 86

    Tam Lin - Woozyfly Interview

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