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Published on Apr 27, 2008

Brad Stine -Wussification- 2007

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matthew doyle
There is a difference between spanking and abuse, and that's what a lot of people don't understand.
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Grow Good Food
we dont discipline our kids and we raise rebels for society to deal with our parenting mistakes later on. some need it more/less than others, and it isn't the only method... it has to be one part of a wholistic multi-faceted approach of love (have you heard the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"), but as he said, "What do you think God made the butt for?" I dont think any child will agree with it - it's rare to find that, but as we grow up we are usually able to see a bigger picture. My father spanked us, but then afterwards he decided he was wrong and apologized for ever having done that... I lived my teen years in unbridled liberty basically, and that was not good... I'm still paying for that.
There's no difference between spanking a kid and hitting them anywhere else. It should be against the law
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My mother used to spank us and discipline us all the time, and she didn't use her hand to smack us on the rump. No, she used a wooden spoon. Hands are relatively safe, but when you're using a block of wood to teach your kids not to hit, it's probably going to be more effective. Then when we got older, my dad made a paddle for my mother, and put six holes in the body, that way when you got spanked, it didn't just hurt, the little welts on your bum made it linger. That is why the only detention I ever got was for a lost library book. Thank the Lord my mother spanked me.
I was spanked as a kid and I turned out just fine! I plan on spanking my kids, not abusing them. Spanking shows discipline. Abuse shows power and fear. 
So true! I was spanked as a child, and I fully intend to spank my child when necessary. I refuse to raise a spoiled brat. Poorly behaved, entitled, bratty kids become poorly behaved, entitled, bratty adults. Your job is to teach your children how to live in the world and how to be a respectable adult, not to be your child's friend.
Joshua Williams
You tell em Brad Stine.
Floyd Palmer
So highly educated and trained authorities in psychological and child development have amassed data and analysis indicating that corporal punishment is detrimental to a child's personal development. On the other hand, mama done spanked me, and the Bible says its fine, so Im'ma spank ma kidz! I guess he's using 'common sense' in another sense of the word 'common'.
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Grow Good Food
+Floyd Palmer There are different kinds of spanking, and there are many factors not considered in this study. That's the problem when intellectuals get together...which is another thing Brad Stine addresses. There is a way and time to spank and a way and time not to. It's not black and white. It depends also on the person doing it, and very much on the overall parenting approach, aside from just the fact of spanking or not.
Floyd Palmer
+Nathan Higgins Oh, and you'll kindly the difference between SPANKING a child and DISCIPLINING said child.
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Caleb Fugate
I got wooped with a switch brotha
Andrew Kaser
I'm thankful every day that my dad spanked me when I was younger. You know why? Because when I look at these spoiled, entitled little scumbags we call "kids" nowadays, I look and think "God, I am SO glad I'm not THEM anymore!"
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Cody Hines
+Blackblade Games So was I, but I still had a short fuse and liked to fight.
Blackblade Games
+Andrew Kaser I never got spanked through my youth. Not because my parents wouldn't, but because I was obedient from day 1. :P
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Rebekah Kaylyn
I just turned 12 yesterday...
Nathan Higgins
If spanking teaches kids how to hit, then why aren't all the wife beaters smacking their women on the bums instead of the face?
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