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Published on Nov 13, 2010

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Comments • 4,548

Malcolm Sparks
Anyone from Andkon?
im here from andkon.com idk how
Alec Mena
Phenomenal Video. I like how it doesn't simply assert that we shouldn't force George; it just says if you believe A, then following that reasoning you would also logically have to believe B. I'd say Tax= Theft, so long as we don't have the ability to easily relocate to a different community.
The Rainbow Squid
"Dur hur. Because some people commit murder and try to flee from the authorities, and violent force must be used to capture these people, then murder should be legal!" This is bitbutter's logic, people Be happy I haven't taken this video to /r/FullCommunism yet, otherwise they would tear your argument even further apart
I think you've gotten muddled somewhere. Please feel free to post links to this video wherever you like.
2:29 "Do you think it is acceptable for the agents to threaten violence against George?" Sure, yea, I am not an anarcho capitalist. Markets are unable to deal with externalities and the disadvantaged such as climate change and feeding the poor/disabled/old. I am perfectly happy with people losing some of their income to fill in the gaps. It is all just a big game anyway.
Could charities not deal with the poor/disabled/old as they did in the past? Climate change issues (if there are such things) could be vastly improved by governments not diluting the currency and spending money borrowed in the present that we & future generations are forced to pay off. Resources are being used in the here & now that wouldn't be if they weren't able to borrow/quantitive ease. All that said, if you are happy to use violence, either directly or indirectly, maybe I shouldn't be communicating with you.
What is the Trump regime doing about so-called "Climate Change".
2:14 is totally wrong, We all know damned well the Agents would've shot that dog for laughs.
"that barrel looks shorter than 14 inches"
Marauder-Jok Shyisleth
It is a partial look to a kind of society. Instead of non agression principle it should be called "The selfish principle". It is a way capitalism works but, if you avoid organizations, it becames anarchy. The way the video shows it is a manipulated way of how it should work. Socialism fights for giving us all common-wealth and search for equality, same opportunities and help if you suffer or if you are in a risk position. If you want to know more about how horrible that kind of society would be (exposed on the video)... just take a look to the Unite States, or maybe takea deep look to Michael Moore videos.
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Rebar Lanka
"Socialism fights for giving us all common-wealth and search for equality, same opportunities and help if you suffer" 1 - Socialism failed big time throughout the past century; everywhere it has caused poverty, failure, depression, death, totalitarisms. The simple idea that someone else should "give us" anythin is wrong, because it brings to cohercion and aggression. 2 - The most wealthy and advanced countries are those with the highest level of freedom, individual and economic. Doesn't this ring a bell, even in your socialist brain? 3 - Michael Moore? I'll comment when I've finished throwing up.
Bre D
The video addresses the morality of using violence to coerce behavior. Your arguments avoid the moral issue and go straight into assertions about outcomes, that are arguably all a result of the violent coercion that takes place with the state and corporations. As an example, the United States uses violence to coerce behavior. You can make the argument that corporations collude with state power to maximize their advantage in the market and screw people over, but you would be making the same argument this video is trying to make. Without the state corporations lose their ability to manipulate the market and exploit the people through the violence of the state.
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Tax is a small price to pay for freedom. In the olden days we fought our own battles, carved our own roads and policed our own neighborhoods. Today we pay people to do that for us. I think however FAIR tax is perfectly fine but not unfair tax. The tax paid for someones luxuries isn't. Government can function with less. Much less. No need for giant offices and expensive cars. No need for extra protective services or private air transport. If you don't want to pay tax you should offer your free time to that you do not want to pay for. I think that is fair.
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O Libertário
As long as people are forced to pay for it by threat of violence, it's theft.
Bre D
Please address the moral issue of using violence and theft to organize society. The ethics most of us are taught come from our rulers. It's a simple concept yet none of the detractors seem to address it in their arguments. Is it or is it not moral to take a gun, aim it at someone's head, and take their property (whether it be wages or tangibles)? If it is not moral, then what fundamentally changes when the state does it?
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Christian Trøst-Bertelsen
Джордж - чертовски хороший друг
Martin Macdonald
all I got was something something good friend
Xinghao Zhang
Your friend is another person,the country belongs to all of us
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All your base are belong to us.
Sorry, I don't understand your answer.
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