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Published on Nov 13, 2010

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Comments • 5,451

This is why your common mugger in the street is more courageous, honest, and moral then any statist voter, because unlike the voter, the mugger does his stealing himself and the voter wants someone else to do it, someone they call a "representative", yet the voters never takes any responsibility for anything their "representative" does.
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this misses the point of socialism, the point is that it's not immoral to pick some fruit to give oliver even if george claims he has sole claim over the fruit tree, as that isn't forcing him to do or give but only forcing him to be deprived of abstract rights he thinks he has for abstract reasons
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God damn it, help george out! where do I donate?
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Marcus Oscarsson
I agree with you that taxation is problematic and that a low tax is preferable, but don't you think that the state should ensure some "basic safeties" for all people? Such as that everyone regardless of the economy of their parents should have the opportunity to go to school, at least until they are old enough to take responsibility for a loan?
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Frank Willams
While some of these views are thought provoking, the state is simply an institution that is empowered by the people to, using any means necessary, protect the life and well being of its citizens and then in turn, its own survival. From the example in the video, and where we have a stateless society for instance, if the Oliver enlists the help of thugs to beat up George and seize what he is requesting from George, what would be George's recourse? To further anarchy, or would he just accept his fate, or would he go and hire some more thugs to protect him from such future incidents, at his own personal expense? Point of fact here is this, that a state is, with all its limitations, the only institution that can provide a relatively safe and peaceful environment for the safe and peaceful co-existence between individuals, and a stateless society is a hotbed of anarchy. To ensure the continuity of the state, we should pay taxes.
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Hannah Arendt called the state the only power to which is given the right to violence. Tax is compulsory because that’s how the state ensures stability. If you don’t want to pay tax you can leave to another state. No one is forcing you to stay. If my parents make a rule that I am not to smoke in the house but I do anyway, then I may face the consequence of being kicked out. The govt also has rules and if you don’t like it go and create your own one elsewhere. It’s the real world where the ideas in this video have to be tested out. This video against taxation overlooks many issues that have been tested in the real world for millennia.
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Heino Der Sänger
There is a simple counter arguement to prove the statement in the video wrong. As soon as the family in the video is going to die because they don't have money to buy food, they will stop caring about the nap even if they beleive it's morally right because survival instinct overpasses their sense of ethics. In such a voluntary society we would have millions of people who would be forced to die. These people would start violence, even if they think violence is immoral. As you can see, even the nap leads to violence because violence is inherent in nature..
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Physical Remover of Commies and Fascies
Taxation is theft. Mandatory military service is slavery. Mandatory schooling is kidnapping.
Alberto C
I've corrected the glitched "Spanish (Spain)" cc subtitles and would like to donate them for this video. How can I do this?
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Jim b
I solved David Friedman's "Hard Problem" in 1995, with my "Assassination Politics" essay. https://cryptome.org/ap.htm See also the jimbellproject.org. It would sure be nice if David Friedman acknowledged my accomplishment, but his 2014 edition of the Machinery of Freedom book did not mention AP, or me, from my understanding.
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