The Reality of New Vs. Used Homes: Episode 1





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Published on Sep 20, 2013

Living in a used home can be a nightmare for you and your wallet. Check out the savings (and peace of mind) that a new home can bring.


00:07 Speaker 1: Babe, there's no hot water.

00:10 Speaker 2: Huh?

00:11 S1: There's no hot water.

00:12 S2: Oh, you gotta catch the thing.


00:15 S1: I tried.

00:20 S2: Give me a second, I'll check it out.


00:28 S2: Oh, oh, oh. Okay, honey you want the good news or the bad news?

00:37 S1: Oh, boy you tell me.

00:40 S2: Bad news is the garage is flooded with water.

00:42 S1: Are you kidding me?

00:43 S2: It's okay, I turned it off. But good news is, it's just the water heater.

00:48 S1: Just the water heater, huh?

00:50 S2: It's an easy fix. We can fix that half an hour, tops.

00:53 S1: It takes you half an hour to change a light bulb.

00:56 S2: Ouch.

00:57 S1: [chuckle] Sorry, it's true though. And that's just another project and more money.

01:01 S2: I like my projects.

01:02 S1: That's more money on top of our bills have you seen them? So, we have credit card due. We have the water bill due, it's gonna be higher now because of the water heater. This isn't really a bill but Ted and Jill are having a baby shower.

01:15 S2: Oh, your friends.

01:15 S1: Yeah, it's a little more money. And this is the exciting one, the electric bill.

01:22 S2: Ooh!

01:23 S1: Yeah, it's about...

01:24 S2: Ooh, wait.

01:25 S1: $472.

01:27 S2: Wait, that can't be right.

01:28 S1: It is. It's right there.

01:31 S2: Oh, well it's Arizona in the summer, we gotta stay cool somehow.

01:37 S1: This old house is just leaking energy.

01:39 S2: Yeah, but I'm working at it all the time.

01:41 S1: That's the problem is that you're always having to do projects and you're always having to work on things and it's costing us time and money. We never gonna go out and do anything.

01:49 S2: It's my grandma's house, it's old.

01:51 S1: I know.

01:51 S2: We gotta do upkeep. That's part of owning a house. You gotta remodel and do upkeep and fix it.

01:55 S1: I know it's your grandma's house and I know that it's a cute old house, but that's the problem is that it doesn't have to be all these projects and renovations.

02:04 S2: Well, what do you suggest we do?

02:05 S1: I have a better idea, I'd like a new house.

02:08 S2: You wanna move?

02:09 S1: Maybe.

02:13 S2: We can potentially talk about moving.

02:15 S1: No, I mean, I want a new house.

02:18 S2: Like, no one's ever lived in it before? Like brand...

02:22 S1: Brand new.

02:23 S2: We can't afford that.

02:24 S1: Yes, we can. Trust me. I've been doing some research and I have something to show you.

02:28 S2: Honey, we...

02:29 S1: No, come here, come here.

02:30 S2: Honey, we can't afford a new house.


02:37 S1: Come here, I wanna show you this. I saved this for you. Okay, these come in all price ranges, and right there, quick move and that's exactly what we need.

02:46 S2: I know, I just don't think we're gonna be able to get a brand new home right away. Let's at least look resale, before we get...

02:50 S1: I also found this, okay? These are Energy Star certified new homes. They usually save 30% in energy and 20% in water.

02:58 S2: Well, of course it says that on the website.

03:00 S1: They are third-party verified.

03:01 S2: Mm-hmm.

03:03 S1: These are gonna save us so much in monthly bills. We can get more home for the money.

03:07 S2: In theory, yeah.

03:08 S1: No. This is exciting, and you know it.

03:10 S2: You know, I don't even wanna move. I like it here, I like my projects and fixing things up and a new home is gonna be just too expensive.

03:17 S1: He's really not very good at his projects. I'll never tell him that though. [chuckle] But he seems to start one and then not finish it before he starts another, and he just gets overwhelmed by it. And really, a new home isn't more expensive, it's less.

03:33 S2: Well, bottom line we just use a lot of energy and energy costs money, plain and simple.

03:37 S1: I really like the idea of using Energy Star as the guide. I feel like it'll really save us a lot of money in the long run.

03:43 S2: Well, you know, I tend to prefer old things, vintage. And besides, this is my grandmother's house.

03:48 S1: The idea of starting fresh and new is really appealing to me.


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