My Beautiful Rescue - A Jonas Brothers Story - Chapter 4





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Uploaded on Apr 24, 2008

Chapter 4 - My Beautiful Rescue - A Jonas Brothers Story
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I froze in place, wondering what he could have possibly forgotten. We just stood there for a few seconds, looking at each other, as I waited for him to tell me what he had to say. Finally, he smiled and stepped forward, in what seemed like slow motion. He was holding something behind his back.

"I thought you might want to have these," Joe said with a grin as he handed me what was in his hands. I looked down to see that they were three more tickets and backstage passes for the next show they were playing in the area.

"Thanks!" I was completely surprised and didn't know what else to say.

"Maybe next time you'll be awake the whole time. No more passing out, right?" Joe said with a playful laugh.

"Yeah, that would be nice," I replied, blushing.

"Yeah, it would. I guess I'll see you in the crowds, then?"

"I'll be watching," I said with a smile, and began to turn around.

Joe gave one last smile and all three brothers waved as I was escorted out of the backstage area. I tried to stay as calm as possible, even though I was screaming with excitement inside. I joined Brooke and Kayla, who were waiting for me by the exit.

"Can you believe this?" shouted Kayla, as soon as we were outside.

"Pinch me. Am I dreaming? I have to be dreaming..." Brooke started. I pinched her, laughing.

"OUCH! What was that for?!"

"Is everything alright out here?" We turned around. We had only made it a few feet from the backstage area. Joe was peeking out of the door with a confused look on his face.

"Yeah... we're fine..." Brooke said hesitantly.

"Alrighty then..." Joe laughed and shut the door.

"Nice going, guys," I whispered. We walked farther away until we were completely sure that they wouldn't be able to hear us, and proceeded to scream at the top of our lungs.

After finding our way over to our front row seats, and waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the concert was about to begin.

Lights began to flash and smoke began to rise from the stage. Music blasted and screams of thousands of girls rang in my ears. I couldn't even hear myself screaming. You could feel the energy radiating throughout the venue, the excitement and anxiousness. Finally, the curtains were drawn, and the three boys I had just met appeared in front of me.

They sang with their hearts and you could tell that they really enjoyed what they were doing. Kayla, Brooke, and I sang along to every song, laughing and smiling at the same time, and taking tons of pictures. Every now and then I would catch them glancing over in our direction, though it was hard to tell who they were really looking at.

After several songs were finished, "Hello Beautiful" came on. Their voices were so soothing and calming, and they were literally inches away. All of a sudden, I was interrupted in my trancelike state by Kayla.

"DID YOU SEE THAT? NICK JUST POINTED AND SMILED AT ME! I GOT IT ON VIDEO TOO!" She was literally screaming in my ear. I gave her a 'I'm-really- really-happy-for-you-but-I'm-kinda-b­usy-right-now' look, and turned back to watching those boys.

A few nights later, Kayla, Brooke, and I had another one of our sleepovers. This time, instead of preparing for the concert, we reminisced about it.

"See? Right there! He definitely pointed to me!" Kayla kept playing the video she took of Nick over and over and over again. It undoubtedly looked like he was pointing and her though, and he even smiled too.

"I still can't believe Joe like picked you up and everything. What were you guys talking about when Kevin and Nick were giving us a tour? It definitely looked like something was going on..." Brooke suggested.

"I don't know... The whole conversation was kind of awkward. I think he was just being nice," I said, doubting the fact that Joe would like a girl like me.

"Uhh, he wouldn't just pick you up, get you water, talk to you for so long, and GIVE US THREE MORE PASSES for no reason!"

"Where are those passes anyway?" Kayla asked. "Can I see them?"

I stood up and got the tickets, which were hidden in a safe place, and handed them to Kayla. She scanned them, reading over the seat numbers, the location of the concert, and the fact that it said "backstage access" written on it. She turned them over for no reason, but was caught by surprise when she noticed something written on the back.

"Oh my gosh, Lindsey! Look at this!" She called me over, pointing to what was written on the ticket. "Read it..." she said.


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