Your Arguments Are Invalid: Gay Marriage





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Published on May 11, 2012

In which Hank discusses marriage equality, which isn't actually an issue of marriage equality, it's an issue of human equality, and the fact that we're still struggling with it is very disappointing.


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Comments • 24,417

'Gay marriage is unnatural' Marriage is unnatural... How many times have you seen little sparrows dress up in gowns and suits and have a lawfully binding ceremony to get married?
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MJ Truth
Sharky. So, it's been around for .7 million years?
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dan fischer
It's awesome to look back on this video and see what all has changed on that front since then. I'll never forget how hard my parents hugged me when the ruling came through. They were finally going to be able to see their only son get married.
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Kara Wren
dan fischer +
Zac Cherdron
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Skye Hall
"You can't get married because of my religion." "You can't have a cookie because I'm on a diet."
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Kaleb Prichard
@Ian David As a gay man this is what I came up with as well. If everyone wants to claim that marriage is a religious thing, then it shouldn't be a legal thing. So make the legal thing be a civil union, and make a marriage equal a marriage. Then not only could the church get paid for the wedding, they can also settle the divorce since it wouldn't be a legal thing. Probably stopping lots of marriages for money only. However some of the gay guys I know tell me this is wrong thinking because they want to be married legally. I personally don't see the difference. Just get married by the church, then go fill out paperwork at the courthouse afterwards. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying that the people who have told me I am wrong have not actually given any logical reasons for this not to be a thing.
Mycosa at Long Night Entertainment
See, I like this, because you not only presented the concern, but also a logical conclusion that made clear that there were ways to take the rights of both into consideration. Good job.
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eyad mardini
homosexual behavior has been witnessed in over 1.500 species - homophobia has only been found in one "unnatural" 
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Mark Wilkie
Treating different people differently is done all the time. For example, war vets get special perks because they are different than everyone else. I thought you would be able to have enough insight on this.
The Freudian theory Of penis envy
eyad mardini I'm against gays and straights bi's only both are sexist
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The bible also says that if a man rapes a unwed woman, they must get married. Sorry but what kind of INSANE LUNATIC would make a rape victim MARRY her attacker?  pshhhh. people who live completely by the bible need psychological help to see basic human morals.
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The Lost Jedi
Uh...no, it doesn't. I've seen this on a few different sites, but it simply is not true.
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Clayton Terry
Don't worry 3 years ago Hank, Love Wins.
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+Fal Leithani Clap and a half to you.
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Evan Roden
I am Christian. Don't freak out. I think that if Jesus were alive today, that he would want us to treat homosexual people just as heterosexual people. I think that God does not judge others, and if "them gays are sinners" then we should forgive them and let them go as they please. I think that they deserve equal rights. Also, when others argue the argument that homosexuals have a choice, just think of it like this: "Oh, I have a great idea! I'm going to choose to be hated be much of the world and possibly be shunned by my family and society just because I want to! This is a great idea!" I just think that they don't have a choice and that if you are truly religious that you should love every person, whether you agree with their way of life or not, because God would say that we should love others. As said by +kitkat mat​​ (Asked me to add this) "There are many people who are both Christian and Homosexual who wish to marry there significant other and have that union recognized by their church. Many Christian churches (as well as of course churches of different religions) have recently become more accepting of the LGBTQPA community, and something important to understand is that nothing can stay the same forever. The Christian religion has evolved quite a bit since its origin, (considering that the Bible says that it's our duty to stone adulterers and burn witches as mentioned in many comments here, and obviously murder and stoning is a very bad thing to do I hope we agree on that.) The principle of marriage shouldn't be dictated by any one party for many reasons (this is my own opinion). One is that when one assigns a one definition of marriage and uses that as an excuse to oppress or limit any individual's or group of people's religious and/or spiritual freedoms, it is no longer a question of law, but of morality and ethics. Rather, marriage is defined by those taking part in the union. Taking this into consideration I can't tell you that your definition of marriage is wrong just because I have a different one. It may be one person's belief that marriage is a means to expand wealth and profit, and another person that believes that marriage is for attraction and mutual respect. I cannot say (without sounding like an idiot) that all people who marry, do so for the latter reason. Bit of a tangent there, but the point I'm trying to make is that your definitions of marriage may conflict with mine, but.... I DON"T GIVE A ** :) food for thought."
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Telling gay people they can't get married because it's against your beliefs is like telling someone they can't eat a biscuit because you're on a diet. There is no logic behind it! It may be uncomfortable for you to see someone eating a biscuit but YOU are the one who chose to go on a diet so you can't expect people to change their eating habbits to suit you. The same goes for banning gay marriage; it may male you uncomfortable, but you are the one who decided to follow a certain religion amd you have no right to make everyone be bound to those rules just for you. It is incredibly selfish.
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Ian Pollock
What I never understood is the Bible only mentions gays once and everyone cares there are dozens of other things people just ignore
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Jonathan Gauci
To all the opposers i ask the following: A 20-yr old woman Samantha has fallen in love with another 20 yr girl Agatha, as a result the  Samantha's family kicks out Samantha and disowns her from anything to do with them. Samantha and Agatha live happily together for the next 15 years, they love each other, but of course they are not married because there is no legal way of doing it. Samantha has a car accident.... 1) Agatha cannot visit because she is not realated in any way 2) if Sam dies the wealth generated by both agatha and samantha goes to the same family that disowned her. because in the eyes of the law Agatha is in no way related to Samantha.... is that a just law? is that justice?
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Avinash Reji
Dylan DeBord kys
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