Mod Progress 49 - Resident Evil 6 - No Hope difficulty (spoilers)





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Published on Oct 6, 2012

Update: Capcom has stated that No Hope difficulty and coop for Ada's campaign will be released for free.

No Hope is a difficulty in the game which is currently only accessible via modding. One of the files refer to the mode as DLC (there's also other DLC referred to, like 2 map packs (total map count will be 10 including maps in base game), 4 multiplayer game modes and coop for Ada campaign). No Hope is the only DLC which is on disc, the other DLC is only partially on disc.

This video has comparisons between pro difficulty and no hope difficulty from various chapters. There's some spoilers in the video because I show different parts of the game. I have the defense skill equipped for most of this, it's definitely vital for no hope mode. But even with that you take a ton of damage. QTEs doesn't seem to be different at all, which I don't mind at all.

0:00 - Chris chapter 2 - Pro
0:54 - Chris chapter 2 - No Hope
1:55 - Jake chapter 3 - Pro
2:43 - Jake chapter 3 - No Hope
4:37 - Leon chapter 2 - Pro
5:05 - Leon chapter 2 - No Hope
6:31 - Leon chapter 2 - No Hope (no skills equipped)
7:04 - Leon chapter 4 - Pro
9:00 - Leon chapter 4 - No Hope

Here's additional information about each multiplayer DLC mode by looking at files on the disc:
Onslaught: Sounds similar to Slayers from RE5 in that's it's basically a competitive mercenaries, but it's played on 2 seperate maps. You can cash in your combo to send more enemies to your opponent's stage. There's a medal for killing your opponent with monsters you sent by cashing in combo. And a medal for sending all possible monsters, so I guess there's a maximum. You can send normal enemies and hidden bosses to your opponent. I think this mode is 2 players maximum.

Survivors: Similar to last man standing, supports both free for all and team based. Your goal is to kill other players. When dying you spawn as a monster, you can kill 2 players to spawn as a human character again. There's mentions of using enemy points to spawn as a tougher enemy, I dunno if that's for this mode or something else. Amount of points earned depends on weapon used. Whenever you get hurt, other players get to know your position. When there's one human player left, he wins.

Predator mode: One player is Ustanak, other players have to kill him as normal characters. Melees work better than weapons to rescue players from Ustanak. You can respawn when playing as a human character, but it is game over if all players are dead at the same time (I think Ustanak also wins if time runs out). As Ustanak, you can can switch between different arms (claw arm, wrecking ball arm and shotgun arm).

Siege mode: Team based hostage mode. One team play as monsters, other team play as human characters protecting civilians. As a monster, you can accumulate enemy points in order to spawn as tougher monsters. Human players can give orders to civilians. Enemy creatures respawn very quickly. Monster players get to know position of civilians when they are hurt. There are bonus crystals you can destroy, I don't know what they are for.


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