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Published on Jul 30, 2011

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Hey Guys, i use my shea mix for practically everything.... it's the only moisturizer i use.

~~Here are the benefits of the ingredients i use

*Shea Butter:

Provides moisture to dry and damaged hair from the roots to the tips, leaving it healthy and shiny. Because it's rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter soothes dryness, repairs breakage, and mends split ends.
Shea butter absorbs quickly and completely into the scalp without clogging pores, leaving a greasy residue, or causing a buildup of oil or dandruff.
Shea butter helps heal a variety of scalp problems, including dry scalp, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.
Shea butter protects hair from weather damage caused by wind, humidity, and extreme dryness, and repairs such damage.
Because it's rich in moisture and can shield against harmful ultraviolet radiation, shea butter protects hair from sun damage.
If your hair has endured chemical treatments, hot irons, and blow-dryers, shea butter can restore its moisture and vitality.

~Coconut Oil:

Lauric Acid: One of the most responsible reasons behind hair fall and hair loss is microbial action on the scalp and hair roots. So, to protect hair against them, what we need is an antimicrobial agent. Lauric Acid present in Coconut Oil is one of them. It is basically a triglyceride which yields a monoglyceride called Monolaurin when acted upon by a species of bacteria which breaks the glycerol bonds. This monolaurin has excellent antimicrobial properties.

Capric Acid: This is yet another triglyceride present in Coconut oil, which, like Lauric Acid, yields another monoglyceride called Monocaprin due to bacterial action, having antimicrobial properties similar to that of monolaurin.
Vitamin-E: Almost every aptly educated person knows the importance of vitamin-E for skin and hair. It keeps scalp and skin healthy and hair rejuvenated.

Moisture Retaining Capacity: Coconut Oil has high moisture retaining capacity, since it is not broken down easily nor evaporated, being very stable. It does not let moisture escape thus keeping hair moistened and soft. This prevents breakage of hair. Coconut Oil is a far better conditioner for hair than any synthetic one available in the market.
Anti-Dandruff: The various fatty acids present in Coconut Oil serve as very good anti dandruff agents and are way better than any anti dandruff shampoo. A regular application can help you get rid of dandruffs for ever.
Styling: Coconut oil can be good styling oil for hair too, as it melts on heating and then condenses on cooling. So when you apply it on your hair, it thins and spreads evenly due to heat of the scalp. Soon afterwards, as the hair comes in contact with air, the oil on hair condenses on cooling and thus works as a styling gel or cream.

~~Olive Oil:

Less Dandruff
Olive oil can help cure a dandruff problem, notes CareFair.com. Dandruff is most often caused by a dry and flaky scalp. Massaged into the scalp while conditioning, olive oil infuses the scalp with moisture, resulting in less flakes on your hair and shoulders. Try it once a week as a conditioning treatment, increasing as needed.
Split Ender
In the dry winter months, your hair is more prone to breakage, splitting and frizzy flyaways that make your sleek haircut look messy and unkempt. A little olive oil can help smooth away some of those problems. It adds weight and moisture to the hair, and is ideal as a quick fix. Just smooth a little olive oil on your fingers and run them through your hair after you've styled it to give your ends and flyaways the kiss off.
More Shine
Olive oil will give your usually dull and drab hair a healthy dose of shine by making it moisturized and healthy. Regular shampoos contain sulfates that can actually strip hair of moisture, making it look unhealthy and dull, notes HairLossBuddy.com. Replacing your regular conditioner with olive oil can bring moisture back to the hair, leaving it healthy-looking and shiny.
Dry, undernourished hair is often hard to style. It won't hold a curl, and straightening only dries it out further, leaving it lifeless. A hot oil treatment featuring olive oil will help you gain manageability so your hair is easier to style, notes PioneerThinking.com contribute Sharon Hopkins. Coat your hair in a half cup of olive oil and leaving for 30 minutes can give your hair the moisture it needs to return it to a more manageable state.
Extra Softness
If you deal with brittle ends or frizzy curls that feel more like steel wool than they do soft locks, olive oil can help soften your hair, making it more pliable. A natural, deep conditioning treatment of olive oil each week can replace the extra silicone ingredients used in conditioners that give your hair a false feeling of softness of for a few hours.




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Darlene Pinder
I have been natural for eight years. January 22, 2012 I was Diagnoist with Stage 4 breast cancer. This is the 4th time I am losing my hair but I still take care of my scalp so when my hair start growing back it with be a healthy head to come too. Please pick me.
The Curl Maven
Just realized how simple the ingredients Laila used. Now people add 99 million different oils, lol
Chuckle Berry
Do you sell this anywhere? It looks very good. By the way, you are very pretty! :)
Natural Gal
I still use your Whipped Shea Butter Mix and I love it, as do my family. I've taught them how to make their own. Thanks again for sharing.
Where do you recommend we purchase unrefined Shea butter from?
Loushyra Holiday
wonder who ended up winning that shea butter
baby tt
I love your shea butter.. 😀😍.. BTW can u make a video on how u grow your nails so long and strong... 😇
Princess Banjoko
any possibility for me to get some of your shear butter mix. I have never had the opportunity to do one and I love this your particular video and I said to myself how come I have never come across you on YouTube well glad I have now. I am natural only 8months and I am already bra length well I transition ed for 2years and did my big chop so I will say its been 8months since I did my big chop. I hope to read from you soon.
Wilda Germain
i know im late on this video but can i still get some of the shea goodness please?? :)
Felisha Shugart
you've inspired me to try to make one thanks!
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