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4-5[Super Reconcile]{Qigong Healing} reconciliation, positive mind, release your anger.




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Published on Feb 23, 2020

This movie is simply negative energy convert to positive energy, like an energy converter.

"Arrogance, hight pride, criticism of the other person, attacking mind, I'm a most right person, stick mind between good or bad, control freak" and "Anger, jealousy, anxiety, fear, domination, abandonment", this video sucks like those energies of opposite of the Love, then convert to the Love energy.

Please use this video especially you had fight with someone, you can't hold your anger. You'll recognized that your anger, anxiety, attacking mind, reduce. Plus good for using with situation of reconcile, if you use your party, it'll be more great time.

Nothing any comes from anger, there is only one second lame for your ego, ant then your ego soon will be unsatisfying, so will find next target and same thing.

Always who has true Love and Strong person, they have forgiveness, that's comes from long time ago and still same thing.

I hope all anxiety will disappear from everybody's heart.

If you can play multiple Video as same time:
The synergy (synergies) will be gained by "Super Harmony Your Relationship" video.
[Super Harmony Your Relationship]: https://youtu.be/as4QHK0vado

This is "Qi-Gong Healing Programed Video" which provides huge Qi energy come through to your body, mind, room, home and around your energy field while you sleep.

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[Donation Box]
If you feel some effect, I'm super appreciate your kindness.

[How to Use?]
Just simply play this video while you are in sleep, you'll see full of energy after your wake up.

Please do not play while your drive because you may sleep. This healing is only works on this YouTube Channel and online, because I'm frequently checking and updating this video energy.

[About me "Sattee Fujimoto"]
I'm a Healing Master and Teacher, living in San Francisco, and sharing my healing ability to the world!! More about me: http://sattee.com/english/

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I wish you all the happiness in the world!!

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