Obama Grilled About Kill List By Local Reporter





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Published on Sep 9, 2012

"A local Ohio reporter grilled President Obama forcefully about his controversial so-called "kill list" on Tuesday. Obama has been making an aggressive effort to speak to local reporters during the 2012 campaign, and Ben Swann, a reporter for Fox 19 in Cincinnati, used some of his minutes to press him about the list, which has the names of people who the administration has selected for targeted drone strikes. Press reports about the program have been the subject of heated political arguments on Capitol Hill. Swann was remarkably frank about the interview in a "Reality Check" segment. It was, in several ways, a tougher, more skeptical segment than viewers would find on many a national news program...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Jack Mirkinson in The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09...

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Diana Soto
Threat to AMERICA? The only threat in America are the PRESIDENT and the government! People are so blind!
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Diana Soto
CaliberStone, for you to think that the government is not a threat is simply blind. WWll , Japanese Americans detained in camps without any charges. What about the US Army killing of thousands on Native Americans to seize there land . Should I go on ?
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By dear leaders' own words killing him would not be a crime; obama has done more damage to America than any foriegner ever has. By this logic I say that killing obama/pelosi/reed is a civic Duty! It is far past time someone used a nuke on the entire D.C. area; let us start from scratch after wasting every politician/terrorist in the Beltway.
+The Professional Hater Bush isn't in power.
The Professional Hater
Bush has done far worse wake up
Sonic_K 2JZ Powered
hey it shouldn't matter if your black or white , american or iraq, if you hanging out with bad dudes you should get killed for it
So why not start bombing kids in the u.s who hang out with gangmembers?? They kill people too. See how retarded your statement is?
deborah michelle
This country just took a 250 year step back into the past. They now decide who lives and who dies while claiming to uphold the constitution. History is now repeating itself. How much more do we need to learn?
Lina Pahulu
American officials or government officials has been terminating citizens a few countries without a fair trial and so forth for years. Maybe generations. They are murders! And they are murders who can kill and go back home to dinner and a movie watching comedy and laughing with the family. They try to use the excuses of threat and terrorism as a "reason" to bomb, assassinate, murder and humiliate other countries and leaders who rebel against their plans? So it clearly seems. Why is it that for many years America sends troops to afghanistan and where ever else killing so-called threats and so on and their excuse is its because they will try to enter america. America has been "entering" their country for so fucken long killing people it's no wonder they will try to retaliate!! Troops are killing people there everyday!!! For what??? Security? To comfort their paranoia? America would never stand to have foreign troops roaming the country shooting at "threats" yet the go to other countries to do it. There is war in those countries for the sake of trying to get America out of theirs and vengeance is brewing! Then when America gets hit again people are gonna be like..... NGAW KILL THEM ALL blah blah blah. I dont see how this can go on without people making a big deal out of that! America you are causing too much trouble. Its like you want WW3 or something. Quit trying to enforce 1WO and focus on building a strong, happy and healthy foundation in your own country with your citizens. I'm beginning to feel like America is the land of evil. NOT THE CITIZENS but your leaders. What the hell is going on! 
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jon ward
+Joe W you are an ass!!!!!!!! 
Lina Pahulu
+Joe W I didnt even write this. Im kept logged on. 
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Farabundo Marti-36
ridge Nappier
nancie pacetti
if there is a threat to the USA why are our soldiers somewhere else???? Doesn't make sense you would think they would be here protecting...
A Taurus Visual
Smh this made so much sense. Damn damn damn.
HEY, YOU! You're a terrorist! I have two lawyers who agree with that. What? You need a trial? I don't think so, because I'm convinced that you are a terrorist. I'm sending drones to take you down in a few hours. If you have any family members or children in your house, they're going to die too, and I'm going to include them as terrorists too, to play the statistics in my favour. ~POTUS, in the not too distant future if you allow this to continue. Hope I made my point to those who disagree with the idea of trial for everyone (you're not a terrorist unless you're proven to be one), despite the limitations in using an analogy.
willem ngatievans
hoooee,laugh you people american citizens will be targets in the near future.
Русский Оккупант
White people Wake up where you are this Negro got! They whole life slaves were. And you shit black prizident chose!
Jews control America , not white people. this why America dying!
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