Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!





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Published on Oct 31, 2008

This lady, Peggy Joseph, thinks Barack Obama will pay for her gas, mortgage, and who knows what else.

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Mint Wizard
And now Bernie Sanders supporters are saying the same thing
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Susan Green
Anthony Garcia you are the only one mad .
Anthony Garcia
@warls You mad pussy? Lmfao at your whiny ass. Straight punk irl... Go break a window you do nothing bitch.
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mad largetrks
This woman is an embarrassment too all black people she should be ashamed too show her face in public ever again what a complete asshole she is, the racist whites would love too paint all black people with the same brush, please dont do that, im a black man and im appalled by this womans statement, she is proof of America, s dumbing down
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souven ir
mad largetrks This woman is representative of most black people FTFY
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Taylor White
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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Robert Oppenheimer
White Liberals are fucking annoying !
Flizzio2 Dank Memes & Free Fedoras
Taylor White detroit has been liberal rule since 1962 look where it got them.
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Fernando Ceja
I have been vomiting since 2007..
PreX' Mini
+Fernando Ceja same
I sent Obama an invoice expecting a check from the white house to pay for a bassoon I can not afford. It's been five years now. I am still waiting to hear back from my beloved president.
it's a joke - just like the woman here. Basoon=musical instrument.
+Matityahu Tait what ever that means
Vince Gilbert
What a bunch of idiots.....how's that hope and change workin out forya? Lmao
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Thomas Davis
+Justin Graziano lol justin probably lives in his moms basement and hates on rednecks because they have lots of land houses beautiful white women and dont depend on the government. Self reliant people arent offeneded by your comments, we just laugh because we know you are the essence of pity. All the rednecks i know have a redneck because they work their asses off, your basement keeps the sun from shining on your neck, and is the only reason you arent a redneck and instead an ignorant asshole.
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Obamas such a wonderful person. He pays for peoples gas, mortgage and food. He pays for people to come from all around the world without having to go through the pesky, annoying immigration process. He pays for people to have free health care. I mean, what a generous guy.
5 years later and she's still paying for her gas and mortgage. But she still loves her Obama.
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+Ay Jaye what she said was taken out of context. not that i like obama, but i hate ignorance more. obongo said in a speach that he would fix the economy and make it so people could have jobs so they wont have to worry about how they will pay the mortgage and blah blah blah. they interviewed her right after and they tried to make it seem like she thought obama was gonna pay for everything.
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IF EVERYONE STOPPED PAYING THEIR TAXES all at once. The people win!  Besides, you don't have to pay your taxes, every should just take it to supreme court. 
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Starve The Beast.  Dumbocrats have already set the president if the problem is to big there shall be amnesty.  So if we do not file our Income Tax Statements to a corrupt IRS who could blame us?
You should learn how to read. It is illegal for the Federal Government to enforce the paying of taxes. The state pays for roads and garbage men, it is not the duty of the federal government,  
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Elmo Blatch
I would like to see a follow-up on this woman ask her how she likes Obama's buying her gas,paying her light bill? Funny thing is the Government probably has been doing that for her from day one with the welfare checks she could be taking.
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Minimus Mouse
There is an update. It's called article submission 5, look it up on youtube. 
John Creasy
+Gina C. Martin Martin I bet she's living in section 8 housing
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