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    Ferguson and Wenger exposed by David Attenborough

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    Fernando Torres shows off his new skills*

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    Carlos Tevez Man City Press Conference - REAL translation in talkSPORT magazine

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    Carlos Tevez laughs about Man City departure on Argentinian TV

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    Geoff Shreeves tells Barca players they'll miss Champions League final

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    Harry Redknapp v Harry Potter

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    Santi Cazorla's first interview after making Arsenal move

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    Andre Villas-Boas pitches Spurs project on Dragons' Den!

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    QPR v Man United : 'Unbelievable' footage of training session on Korean TV*

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    Arsene Wenger's tactics explained - the secret to Arsenal's failure

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    David Luiz slates John Terry and Chelsea in Portuguese interview*

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    Ex-Arsenal Man Samir Nasri Talks About His Love For Money

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    Sol Campbell reveals truth about move to Notts County

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    Jose Mourinho mocks Roberto Mancini and laughs off Man City threat

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    Mark Hughes admits Bellamy's Satan and Wenger signs Rooney's kid

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    Heartless Bosingwa Admits To Celebrating Relegation In His London Mansion

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    Kaka and Ronaldo in kidnap hell!

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    Pepe Shows His Human Side On Kids TV Show

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    Pete Sampras pining over Federer's Wimbledon trophy - talkSPORT magazine

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    Moyes and Hodgson post-match press conference translated

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    Angry Bayern Munich fan threatens Chelsea old guard

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    Angry Bayern Munich fan threatens Chelsea old guard

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    Maradona's plans to disrupt England's World Cup squad...

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    The secret meeting between Man City's owners and Man United players

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    Cristiano talks about diving - we translate

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    Blackburn's new owner admits he has no money to spend at the club

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    Neymar Hits Back At Joey Barton With A Brazilian Song

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    Park Ji-sung says he misses Patrice Evra and mocks QPR on Korean TV*

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    [Private Video]

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    Unseen Suarez PSG interview - Liverpool's problems, Carroll's hair rip-off and more spoof soundbites

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    Philippe Coutinho's Liverpool Video Diary*

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    Floyd Mayweather can't open a bottle of water - talkSPORT magazine

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    Juan Mata's Secret London Video Diary

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    Liverpool's Luis Suarez clears up transfer rumours and diving allegations*

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    Fabianski reveals dressing-room bust-up with Wenger

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    Carlos Tevez hints at move to Chelsea on foreign TV channel

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    Mackem Paolo Di Canio Questions Alan Shearer Salute

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    [Private Video]

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    RVP surprised by Euro 2012 form and Young explains his penalty miss

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    Who really killed Paul the Octopus?

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    David Luiz And Oscar Rip Into England And John Terry*

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    Sugar, priests and white liquid... It's Rafa Vs Roy!

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    Geoff Shreeves on Ivanovic: 'Let me explain'

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    Jurgen Klopp Considers Chelsea Job After Roman Approach*

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    John Motson provides commentary on Goodfellas

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    Sven tries it on with Danielle Lloyd

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    Spurs Boss Andre Villas-Boas Awarded Fergie's Watch For Arsenal Derby*

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    Prince William and David Beckham in talkSPORT magazine

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    Dutch legend Schteve McClaren previews England v Holland

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    Luis Suarez slams 'embarrassing' Rio Ferdinand in new Uruguayan interview*

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    Cristiano Ronaldo Meets The Love Of His Life

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    Romelu Lukaku admits Fernando Torres frustration on Belgian TV*

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    Referee Cuneyt Cakir defends Nani red card and makes Sir Alex revelation*

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    Kevin Keegan gets stuck into Arsenal and Wenger on German TV*

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    Jose Mourinho Makes Fergie Confession In First Chelsea Interview*

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    Luis Suarez Admits He Wants To Leave Liverpool | English Subtitles*

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    Arsene Wenger's Emotional Speech: 'We Need To Be Like United'