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My Favorite ZOMBIE from resident Evil 4-The Iron Maiden

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Pubblicato il 21 lug 2006

Yes I said Zombie, bitch about it fanboys, and now, apparently girls lol.

This vid will show you what and what not to do when fighting a iron maiden.

Or if ur to lazy to click the link, this is what it says.

"The Regenerators can stretch their limbs to reach opponents, pull them in and bite them with their sharp teeth. They can slither on the ground if one of their legs has been shot off. They can also leap from a prone position. The Regenerators can range from having two to five parasites depending on difficulty level and location encountered. In Professional Mode, all Regenerators have a fifth parasite on their back. These monsters are quite possibly the only zombies in the game. Iron Maidens are upgrades of the Regenerator, containing five parasites and have the power to extend large metal spikes from its skin for attacking intruders"

NOTE: "These monsters are quite possibly the only zombies in the game"

These are my favorite zombies from resident Evil 4.These guys are scary when ur playing the first time.I just uploaded this to show my friends.

NOTE to the people out there that like to talk trash because they have no life,this vid was not inteded to show any kind of skill.

Oh and one more thing, this is a Iron Maiden, if u played the game, and actually read the little side notes you pick up. It says these things are called Iron Maidens.

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