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Solar Panel, Wind Turbine, Renewable Alternative Energy - Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Episode 025





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Uploaded on Apr 13, 2011 Episode for the Pirate Lifestyle TV Show. We live without power company electricity with our Off Grid electrical system.

Solar power energy, renewable wind turbine and solar panel alternatives.

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Ahoy, I'm Capt Rob Lee and welcome to Pirate Lifestyle TV! Arrr

Today's episode, too much important information for a quickie, is about you generating your own electricity.

I have always been interested in what most people like to call, "alternative living and alternative power." Aye, we be livin' on a frickin' sailboat and we lived for 11 continuous months completely self-sufficient with our Off-Grid electrical system.

In an earlier video we discussed the basics of, why and how you go Off-Grid. I'll make it a video response so you can watch it later.

This video will be more hands on.

In today's crazy unpredictable world generating your own renewable electricity for your sailboat, motorhome, remote camp, and even your current home will make you independent of big power companies. No more worrying about price increases and power outages.

OK, let's get to it.

A "Hybrid" system is a combination of solar, wind, and generator. The sun shines and the wind blows at different times of the day and year. Many times your needs might be greater than the solar and wind can produce. Systems that use several types of power generation have the advantages of each one.

Solar panels convert sunlight directly to electricity any time the sun is shining. The amount of electricity generated depends on how much of the sun's energy hits it. They produce electricity without noise or air pollution from a clean, renewable resource, the sun. Solar panels never run out of fuel.

Wind turbines convert the energy in wind into clean electricity. The wind spins the turbine's blades which spins a generator producing the electricity. The amount of electricity generated depends on how hard the wind blows. Like solar, they produce electricity from a clean, renewable resource, and never run out of fuel.

Good deep cycle batteries are very important because they store the electricity your hybrid system generates for use at a later time. They are designed to provide a lower amount of power over a longer amount of time. We currently have a house bank of three group 29 batteries.

An inverter is needed to run standard household appliances. They convert DC battery current into 120 volt AC house current.

I strongly suggest you get a battery monitor. It is too easy to ignore your batteries and they are expensive to replace. With a specially designed battery monitor you can maintain your batteries and optimize their performance. These monitors include many features that can be displayed at the press of a button. Variables like voltage, amp usage, total amp hour's, time to recharge, and more.

A small electric generator makes a great part-time source of electricity. There may be times when you need a larger amount of electricity than your hybrid system can supply. A generator makes up the difference when electrical demand exceeds the combined output of the solar panels, wind turbine, and the batteries. They of course convert some type of non-renewable fuel into electricity.

Whatever your reason, with a little planning you can design and build an off grid electrical system. Yes, you can build a reliable pollution free system that will generate clean electricity for many years.

Remember that any idea whose time has come, was once an idea ahead of its time.

I hope you enjoyed this pirate lifestyle TV episode. Keep the great ideas coming, and please, share these videos with your friends.

Aye, livin' the pirate lifestyle be about bein' happy and self-sufficient.

With ye help, me goal be ta motivate and stimulate YE friends ta be livin' the pirate lifestyle!



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