Apollo 17: the moving magic mound





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Published on Nov 25, 2008

Photos taken during the Apollo 17 lunar mission raise questions about the veracity of the Apollo program as a whole.

The links to each of the photos are here for now:



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It was I, Sam Colby, who first discovered these Apollo 17 shots were all the same back in July 1994, (The 25th anniversary of the first fake landing). A picture appeared in a newspaper which showed the Apollo 17 LM supposedly on the Moon. I immediately noticed that the background was identical to a picture in the book "One Small Step" which said that it was taken at a totally different location some miles away. I knew for years that the Apollo pictures were fake, but this was the breakthrough I had been searching for. When the Internet came into existence in 1995, I logged onto NASA's site and saw loads more pictures with the exact same background. That is when I set up a webpage entitled NASASCAM to prove to the world that NASA had lied about their Moon landings.
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Ruby Gray
Ah yes, it's a disgrace how the general public these days put the mockers on true science. They should believe what they are told and only speak when asked for their opinion. Which will never happen because what would they know? Well when I was a Lunar Astronaut with the Warrumbungle-Humptydoo Green Cheese Astronomical Exploration Society, we always liked to make a nostalgic detour to visit the Taurus-Littrow Valley on the way back to Earth, for a barbie and a ripping yarn. As we fried a lamb chop or two on those 250o F. lunar rocks, we'd get to reminiscing about the good ole days. We recalled how spellbound we were, glued to our fuzzy B & W TV sets, as we first watched Neil and Buzz floating around like suspended slow-motion superimposed ghosts in the 1/6 gravity in front of their 16-ton Meccano-and-tinfoil spaceship all held together with heat-proof sticky tape. In our innocent little childish hearts we dreamed of some day being able to do the same. We always commented on how the sunlight invariably shone from Stage Left up there, no matter which direction our faithful Rover was taking us, coming or going, or how many kilometres we were from our landing spot, or how far the cameraman had to trudge up the lunar hillsides to set up his long shots, being careful not to leave bootprints to ruin the composition. And he had to be pretty slippy about it too, because as you know, Kodachrome never did survive too well in that kind of heat. And we found it amazing how that mountain is so enormous that it dominates every photograph we took up there. It's like it is just so big that it wraps right around you in a comforting Lunar Hug, wherever you are or which way you're headed. It's not marked as such on the Google Moon Maps, but the official name of this geological edifice is Mount Same-Same. Some earth-bound doubters imagine that just because the sun shines from different places in their own family snaps, it should do the same on the Moon. Who do they think they are kidding? Lunar gravity is so much lower that the sun's rays don't get sucked down to the surface as fast as on the Earth, which is why they appear to always be at a 25 degree angle on the Moon. People ought to show more respect and trust us Astro-Nots who have actually been there, instead of just making stuff up! Some loser even whined that if he was standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon Valley, photographing a fake Lunar Module from 100 feet away, against the other side of the Canyon, then the top of the 30-foot-high LEM wouldn't be projected into the sky above the top of the rocks. I ask you. Doesn't he realise that the Taurus-Littrow Valley is even DEEPER than the Grand Canyon, in fact it is 7,000 feet deep, therefore it is a totally different situation! And it is obvious that ground level on the Moon is so much higher than it is on the Earth! You have to compare apples with apples. And we all know there are no apples on the Moon. Triangulation and the square on the hippopotamus and all that scientific jargon that you amateurs know nothing about. Anyway, I was there so I know and y'all don't, so just button it and take my word for it. OK?
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Marc Sainte-Marie
Must be a far away mountain to be everywhere like that, maybe skiing could draw tourists, must be something we could use that thing beside billboards. Well that guy.. that got knock off froma NASA "there's just to much discrepencies complaints to adress them.." Thes never expected so much scrutiny down the road... 
John Miller
Hoaxers are so easy to debunk.   The mountain in the background  IS A MOUNTAIN.  A far away mountain. You won't see much of a change when you move the camera.
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john doe
People who don't think the moon landing is fake, Plz tell me why we haven't gone back. Imagine what we should be able to do this many years later. How many space ships have blown up since then or never made it to outer space.
The Tinfoil Tricorn
This proves nothing more than the rocks and the mound are huge! Which is evident in the lunar rover distant image. 
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Well done on making yourself look like an idiot. Perhaps you are? As previous posters have pointed out, the 'mound' is actually a huge mountain which is also miles and miles away. 
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Bill Heathcock
Just another crack pot fake report from a loser who can't understand how the universe works lol, probably thinks the earth is flat also lol.
dstv 101
Maybe NASA didn't lie, they just made two moon landings, one for the public the other to hide what they found and keep secret. We found the Fake ones but not the secret ones. Maybe they want us to believe it's fake, then their secrets are better hidden. I always wonder why NASA don't defend their claim that they went to the moon. I think they enjoy it when the public begin to believe they didn't, then they can carry on with hidden agendas.
Jerry Leal
why soooo many stations? ??????
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