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Published on Jul 19, 2007

Members of the Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Initiative ask the Democratic presidential candidates about China and Taiwan.

Question asked by Vicky from Chandler, AZ.

For more information, see http://foreignpolicy.blogs.bftf.org/

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Communist Mao (paid & trained by bankers) tried to mass murder all of Republic of China people. ROC succeeded at fleeing. Those that could not or would not, were put to death. Mao slaughtered 80 million Chinese. ROC people built America's railroads, and stood with FDR through that entire horror show that was to be World War Two. Amis & ROCs are a little thicker, than renters and landlords of a base. We go back.
....but God damn BANKERS have gotten everything fucked up as Hell.
Dry up you! She's young & cute, and I'd bed her in a nanosecond.
This is an astute lady. I love her. Problem is mafia corporation united states is controlled by God damn bankers, the very same bankers that TRAINED & PAID for chairman Mao to slaughter *all* of the people of China. ROC families were correct in the extreme to flee as if their very lives depended on it, because they did. Mao slaughtered something near 80 million Chinese. Now those bankers hiss to Taiwan, “Don’t be afraid as we build PRC into a super power.”
እድለኛ ሞገስ ያላት
Why are there so many UGLY chinese girls like this one?? : /
@m0rphzone How sweet an idealist. All I need is one more and then I'll have a full set. Sadly idealists dont defend human rights they only constantly jabber on about everybody having human rights. 
@bigblondman1 If it were the case that the recognition of all would be necessary then no one owns anything because there must be at least one person who claims to own everything in the world. From a de facto perspective, whichever government rules the monopoly of violence over a territory is the owner. If de facto is not the case of ownership then opinion would deem ownership and my first statement would allow me to own the planet. Henceforth, de facto (only one there) can only be the logical 1
Vince Lee
@mathpianist93 I am soooooo glad you mention the word legimate. No one has ever voted in china for the past 5000 years, what will it take? another 5000 years? All media outlets are censored, china jail journalists, human rights abuses cases are in the millions. All the nations that sourround china has military alliances to fight china during war. China is NOT a LEGIMATE country. If you like china so much, then you are free to move there YOURSELF. don't ask others to join you. 
Lanuiiohu Sukikiya
i'm chinese, our miliary is weak. We are afread of America
Do you actually believe that the Chinese military could stand up the the US? The US military has the ability to walk over any country in the world. No other country, or even the combination of several countries could even come close to seriously threatening American military forces.
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