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Published on Nov 21, 2011

Boss Battle
Metal Sonic

Here is the third of the Rival battles for me to put up, though when you're going through the game, it's actually the first. Meet Metal Sonic, the first character to be Sonic's equal and arguably Dr. Eggman's greatest creation.

Eggman apparently wants to go down the mad scientist checklist as quickly as possible, as it wasn't even when Sonic met Tails that Eggman figured that the one thing to best beat Sonic with is another blue hedgehog who could actually exceed Sonic's speed. (Sonic CD came out after Sonic 2 but was in production first, so the story behind Metal Sonic came first.) Metal Sonic had a crippling weakness though: Eggman wanted to beat Sonic so bad that Metal Sonic came equipped with powerful attacks but overheated him, causing the android to need to recover from time to time. Metal Sonic was also equipped with a special intelligence chip, which gives him the ability to think and act independently of Eggman.

Metal Sonic first appeared in Sonic CD, and this stage, Stardust Speedway, is the area where Sonic and Metal Sonic first faced off. Unique for its time, the boss battle was actually a race: Metal Sonic was invincible and could only be defeated if Sonic reached the finish line first, causing Metal Sonic to crash into a wall.

Metal Sonic has since appeared in 21 other games, making him the second most frequently recurring villain in the series--after Sonic CD, Metal Sonic decided to work totally separately from Eggman, considering the doc a liability. He played the main villain in Knuckles' Chaotix, where he wanted the power of the Chaos Rings in Knuckles's Newtrogic High Amusement Park; in Sonic Triple Trouble, where he tries to swoop in after Eggman gets defeated to try to kill Sonic; and in Sonic Heroes, where he absorbed the combined powers if Sonic, Shadow, and the Chao and required the aid of Super Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to take him down. Metal Sonic has also been playable in every Sonic racing game except the first two Sonic Riders games.

The arena here is a segment of Stardust Speedway, a highway system or gigantic brass instrument around the Little Planet's biggest city (which is largely known as Stardust City, though I haven't heard any official material call it that). This is set in Stardust Speedway's bad future, where Eggman has taken over the city. His meddling has rusted up the copper pipes (in Sonic CD, the musical parts are all broken too), turned the sky a dark magenta with constant lightning strikes, and, while not visible here, erected a humongous statue of himself in the city center. The music is from the Japanese soundtrack--makes sense, as this was composed by Naofumi Hataya, who has returned for Sonic Generations. She's a veteran.

You can see Metal Sonic's tendency to overexert himself here: After every attack or set of attacks on Sonic, he struggles to keep up with Sonic, smoke coming from his joints. This is the only time he's in range and unprotected. When he's hit three times, a platform will appear over the track; Sonic needs this platform in order to dodge Metal Sonic's incoming attack, which is normally too big to be jumped over--he will destroy the upper platform too.

This is the first boss in the game, so they have to go easy on you. Hard Mode Metal Sonic, is another matter entirely.

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