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Published on Sep 17, 2014

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Why do women leave? If you've been asking yourself this question then this video is for you then this video is perfect for you. In this video, Michael Griswold divulge the answer and the secret to keeping your woman attracted to you.

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Hey, I'm Michael Griswold and in this video I'm going to answer the question that's in many of your minds right now and the question is, "Why do women leave?" Why do women leave when they're in a otherwise good relationship? Why do they stay when they're often time in really bad relationship? What is it that goes on in the mind of a woman that makes her either irresistibly attracted to men or completely over him? and...How can you make sure that when you're in a relationship you keep your woman attracted to you for the long term?

Well, in order to tell you that I need to go over a couple of basic principles of psychology which is one; that we value the things that are scarce alright if you have a choice of having a Lamborghini or having a Chive Aveo you'd probably have the Lamborghini because one it's more scarce and two therefore it's more valuable. But beyond that this is the real reason that women leave and it's not because the guy doesn't have enough money and it's not because he's not good looking enough and it's not because he's not cool enough. Women leave guys for one singular reason. Can you guess what it is?

In fact that singular reason is confidence. You see when a woman is attracted to a man she's attracted to him not because of these outward things. She's attracted to him for what these outward things represent so often times if a man has a lot of money that brings him a certain amount of confidence or if a man is dashingly good looking then that brings him a lot of confidence, or if he has a lot of friends then that brings him a lot of confidence. You see these outward things are just a manifestation of this confidence. Now here's what often times happens and maybe this has happen to you or someone you know, you get into a relationship with a girl and you come in to it feeling very confident, feel cool, everything’s going well and then as you get closure you started to become a bit more insecure don't you, starting to become a little bit more worried about what she thinks. You start a little bit more jealous about whether she might be like with other guys. Now if you don't have jealousy issues or if you don't become insecure, that's fine.

Now if she test you, in other words if you can't handle your emotional fluctuations, you can't imagine...if you can't handle when she's being bitchy or when she's being demanding or when she's being a brat then you proved to her that you can't handle her emotions. Now she might not ever be able to articulate this but she feels it and that feeling for you generates a lack of attraction and if you look back you can see where it starts to happen. Now, how do you solve this? Well, the way that you solve this is by continually...continuing to be and portray a certain level of confidence.

So here's what I want you to...If what I'm saying resonates with you. If you understand this, If you want to learn more about how to keep a woman more attracted, how to get her attracted and then how to keep her attracted so that no matter what happens she is irresistibly drawn to you, then put on your name and e-mail address right here on this page and I'm gonna send over to you or report on how to do just that. There are hopes for you and it will be delivered to you instantly so that you can in this very instant get free tips on how to make that happen. So, until we talk again I'm Michael Griswold and good luck to you.

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