Kirby's Return to Dreamland True Arena Speed Run (Hammer) - 8:14.91





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Published on Dec 7, 2011

A massive improvement to my previous video, over thirty seconds! Of course, it's nowhere near perfect. With the missed hammer flips/twirls I made, I expected at least 8:30 on this run but...

Well I'll be taking another brief break from true arena hammer, but eventually I'll try to break 8:10...

Note that every boss and miniboss is invincible when they spawn, so I had to consistently time hammer flips to hit them just as their invincibility frames end. Every non-miniboss also has invincibility frames during their transition to their second phase, which is why I wait (usually).

Moveset Analysis:

Reverse Hammer Flip: The strongest attack Hammer Kirby has. The actually impact of the hammer is actually a bit weaker than if Kirby hit in front of him, but the flames more than make up for it, and make this attack stronger than the forward version.

Forward Hammer Flip: This is ideal for doing as much damage in one blow as possible. Also, Reverse Hammer Flip can't land all its hits if an enemy doesn't stay in place long enough, so a forward hammer flip is stronger in these cases.

Grounded Hammer Twirl: Weaker than Hammer Flip, and harder to land due to its bad range, but it's invincible and faster. I use it mostly to tank through enemy attacks, though it does that set amount of damage faster than the hammer flips.

Aerial Hammer Twirl: The best way to deal damage in the air, also invincible. You have barely enough time to do a full-jump aerial hammer twirl then an aerial giant swing for damage close enough to a hammer flip.

Ground Giant Swing: Very situational, but it's stronger than one hit of hammer twirl, so if I need to do a little more damage than that, and this is just enough, it's better to use this. Also hits a bit behind.

Aerial Giant Swing: Used along with the aerial hammer twirl combo; it's better to use this than aerial hammer twirl again in this combo since the latter will completely whiff due to its lack of vertical range, and even if I hit, I'll probably land only one hit.

Hammer Swing: The dash attack. Not very useful for power, but more used for mobility since it's faster to move with this than just running. It's also good for getting me in position far away quickly, while maybe tacking on a tiny bit of extra damage. It's also invincible.

Key Improvements to beat 8:10 and hopefully 8:05:
-Better apple placement in Whispy Woods would save a second. But if I get that frame-perfect kill on him, I could eliminate the need to get sucked in and save even more time...
-I got lucky on galacta knight's pattern to guard right off the bat, for a free hammer flip. unfortunately I should've just hammer-dashed him instead of trying to hammer-twirl him, which lost about 2 seconds
-Second phase of galacta knight was a complete phailure, losing around 3-4 seconds
-Misplaced a hammer flip against HR-D3, losing about 1.5 seconds
-Misplaced another hammer flip against Magolor's 2nd phase, another 1.5 seconds lost
-Failed to jump before hammer twirling against Magolor's Soul, 2nd phase, losing another second

Overall I can say that sub 8:05 is within reach if the run is absolutely perfect, with every boss random pattern perfect, especially if I land the frame-perfect hammer flip on Whispy Woods (he's ironically the hardest boss for me to speed run because of this trick... how ironic).

In the meantime, while I try out other Kirby's RtDL projects, enjoy this speed run!


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