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Published on Feb 16, 2010

About 1/3rd of the people on this planet call themselves Christians, although peculiarly only about 1 in 10 have ever read the Bible. Personally I think this number is hopelessly optimistic with maybe only 1in 100 to 1000 having ever really read the Bible. Yup so about 90 % of Christians believe in something they've never read about. In order to partially remedy this, I'm starting a new series called 'The Bible for Beginners' where I will read highlights from the Bible to see if Christians actually subscribe to the Holy book they have never read, or not.

In this episode we look at the central character in Christianity, the figure of Jesus Christ. He mostly crops up in two places in the Bible, in the Gospels and in the Revelation of JC. However when he does turn up in Revelation he is not exactly wearing his 'Prince of Peace' hat... indeed he threatens to make some woman sick, then to kill her children (yup, Jesus Christ, child killer, Revelation 2:23... way to stay classy!). Not content with just threatening to make people sick and to kill their children JC then goes on to say he will give his minions a rod of iron to smash up everyone else. If this character were in any other book, he would fall squarely into the clinically psychotic category!

This is then compared to JC in the Gospels (Luke 19:26), where he commands everyone who disagrees with him to be bought before him and killed. He then goes on to instruct his disciples to go and steal a horse for him. Nice role model!

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P. V.C
jesus clearly played too much gta5 thats the only thing that causes murders right?
Matt B
Don't forget rap music!
Kirk kills God with photon torpedoes. Photon torpedoes are antimatter-based explosives. Therefore, God is deathly allergic to antimatter. That must be why there's no antimatter to be found in nature!!! Because antimatter kills God. I just solved one of the biggest problems in physics using religion and Star Trek! Yeay!!
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You're right, I wasn't even thinking of the greater question that you brought up: if one has to predominate over the other, why did it turn out to be matter and not antimatter? But to be fair, I wasn't saying that matter is much more greatly diffused over the entire universe, because you're right, we would have no way of verifying that assumption, as we don't even have an agreed-upon model for the nature of the physical universe (expanding, expanding/contracting, bubble-theory, etc.), let alone much of an idea of the size of it, however, I did use the expression "observable universe" for a reason, because in what part of our local universe we can measure, this relationship between matter and antimatter seems to be the "norm".
+BiscuitHead The problem is actually much deeper than that. There seems to be a fundamental asymmetry in nature between matter and antimatter. They're virtually identical except for having opposite charges, so why is there more matter than antimatter? It could be a matter of CP violation, or there could be regions of the universe where antimatter dominates and regular matter is virtually nonexistent. We really don't know.
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The Saurus
I used to joke about "killing people with death" all the time...  I never realized I was stealing Jesus's jokes...  :/
Kill them with death. Kill them till they die! Kill them in the face, all the faces will will be killed with death till they die a death filled death! Jesus Christ, lay off the mushrooms! Remember last time? Remember? You thought there were lions, and they all had eyes and wings and chanted "holy holy holy"? Yeah, you say some disturbing shit when you start tripping.
MadCity Jack
Jesus must have been bipolar. All lovey dovey in one verse and KILL KILL KILL in another. Wow.
Matt Saxplayer
"Kill them with death"
I would give one of my kidneys to see you waltz in to the Vatican and challenge the Pope for a showdown.
Joe Keenan
You sell yourself cheap, he wouldn't have a chance, more precisely, the only chance he's have, would be what ever chance the pope gave him. Thunder should stick to science as his attempt here at Biblical exegesis is rather lame.
Oh my gosh. The ad for me was about some Baptist Church or whatever, saying Jesus lives. I think that's one of the best forms of irony you could ever find by chance. 
Azza Nine
Charles Manson really was the second coming, lool.
Jessica Negrete
Messiah or Sith Lord? Jesus Christ or Darth Nihilus? oh. It was Jesus....
Tim Hallas
If you reduce life to black and white, you miss 99% of it's beauty and wonder.
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