Rev. Jesse Jackson Motivates Black Oklahomans at Rally "Keep Hope Alive"





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Published on Apr 17, 2012

Rev. Jesse Jackson starts off his speech w/the "I Am Somebody" motivation speech which the enthusiastic crowd of black Oklahomans (and other supporters) chanted after him.

Jackson's announced arrival to Tulsa, was at the urgent emergency request of the Black Tulsa leaders, black ministers, NAACP and Oklahoma Black legislative caucus. This request was prompted by a recent incident of 2 white men who went on a mass murder hunting spree killing black people in the black neighborhood. Even though the authorities captured & arrested the 2 murders, the prosecutor would not charge them with a hate crime, in spite of outrcry from black community that the murders were racially motivated. There also concerns by some black Oklahomans of the judge setting bail. On the opposite end, there was outrage by many white Oklahomans who expressed hatred for Jackson in their internet comments on online Oklahoma news paper articles that announced Jackson scheduled arrival to Oklahoma. Even a republican house member - Doug Cox expressed to Oklahoma's black legislatures, of his displeasure of Jackson (as well as Al Sharpton) coming to Tulsa. ( http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/articl... ) . Also according to news reports, hate crimes in Oklahoma are rarely prosecuted in Oklahoma; and "Most people who are arrested for hate crimes in Oklahoma are white and are motivated by race", according to OSBI records. ( http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/articl... ).

When Jackson arrived Oklahoma on about April 13, 2012, the prosecutor hurriedly added "hate crime" to the charges.

Nevertheless, Rev. Jesse Jackson arrived Oklahoma on schedule. This event was held at the First Baptist Church located on Greenwood of Pine St, in North Tulsa. This church has historical significance because it was the only black church to survive the Tulsa race riot in the 1920s.


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