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Published on Dec 25, 2011

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Sarah Telford
I'm a vegan and I find this hilariously true xD
Sha-wol Yehet
It's funny how people get made fun of for trying to prevent death and cruelty.
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Bernard Beato
If all are vegan then we would be overrun by animals lol and I think humanity would still kill animals if all are vegan due to overpopulation
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Ashley Johansson
Vegan: "meat eaters deserve to die"
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earthling kay
omg the part with the binoculars there's a bitch other there wearing fur hahah so me
StiKrosTiny Roro
vegans are the best
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yukihiko kikuchi
StiKrosTiny Roro I don't no why but you're so cringe
Dallas Lewis
+Ifaaf Inaz Lmao no, you said they're beliefs, when they're literally facts. You never said anything about forcing a "viewpoint," you said beliefs. The fact that animals are treated bad in the industry isn't a belief, it's a fact. Some vegans do try to force their viewpoint on people, but to be fair if you're okay with what happens you have problems. I'm not going to say stop eating meat and dairy because I understand how easily available it is, but I was just saying that they aren't beliefs.
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Cynthia Valeska
Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Usher, Ellen De Generes, Joaquin Phoenix, Anthony Kiedis, Steve-O, Bryan Adams Jared Leto, and many more,  THEY ARE VEGANS AND THEY ARE HOT!!!!!!!! Billy Simmonds, Rich Roll, Mac Danzig, ( athletics, body builders) ...... This Guy on the video is a joke, come on!!!! It doesn't help. It's funny how people get made fun of for trying to prevent death and cruelty.
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Steve-O is not, and will never be, 'hot'.
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bryan brown
Vegan = preachy ass annoying people with whacked out opinions....
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+bryan brown I've seen that, too.  Just because someone's vegan doesn't mean all of their habits are healthy.  River Phoenix was a vegan, and at the same time, a drug addict.  And Ellen De Generes is a vegan, but is also a heavy drinker and likes to party.  She was also listed by STAR magazine as the meanest person in Hollywood.  Just because someone is a vegan that doesn't mean they are a saint.
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Wendy Carlson
There's a bitch over there wearing fur! lol yep I'm guilty of saying that.
seven asses
You won't find any people more narcissistic than vegophiles
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Okay, well then what about buying humanely sourced products and things not tested on animals or made from animals? What about donating to the animal defense fund? Or mercy for animals? 
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Louisa Martel
There are a lot of mean comments on this video that are making me really sad. I believe this video was made so that fellow vegans can laugh at themselves and maybe other people can too. There's really no need to be malicious. And why should you all care about the health and nutrition of vegans anyways? If you want you can design a study and get it published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition where there is already a study done on the health effects of vegans. Every person on this planet is different and there are numerous confounding factors that could contribute to the health of an individual so stop creating the vegan/carnivore dualism. The world isn't black and white. There is no one diet that is suitable for everyone, hence the eskimos eating mainly fatty meat and still having better health than Americans. The thing is, I've found that the majority of vegans aren't vegan to be healthier. Many of go vegan from multiple factors including showing compassion to the animals we share the Earth with and helping reduce our individual carbon footprint. It's much more of an environmental and ethical concern. A lot of times, they have to deal with a lot, so you guys should just watch the video, laugh, move on, and respect the lifestyle choice that these people have made. 
ZaĆaću Svoga
You are so awesome, I love you!
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