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Published on Dec 18, 2009

Great song, Lyrics are here:

Check it out,1,2,hey yo,hey yo

I came a long way since back in the day
From a teenager trying to make a rap in this way
Ever since I was a kid I had something to say
Rocking mics was a dream I didn't care about pay
I sacrificed late nights and going out with my friends
Just to stay home alone with my pad and my pen
Had my eyes on my prize,my mind on my goal
As I carved these rhymes out with my heart and my soul
I didn't have a CD; all I had was a tape
on the dole thru my flow was my only escape
From a world where they didn't wanna see me prevail
Didn't wanna see me take it all
They'd rather see me fail

It's like...

I was down and out
wondered how I'm gonna make it thru
I got a dream (I got a dream)
Holding on (I'm gonna hold on)
I can't let go cos you gotta make it come true

Hey yo
I got a dream to make it big in New York
Give up the drugs and alcohol
I didn't want to distort
My vision to be living life to the full
And I wouldn't of made it if wasn't for you
You picked me up everytime that I fell
when I was going thru hell you told me that I would prevail
you said I had exactly what it took to be great
That I was young and in the future and what a man I would make
It's like you saw something in me I couldn't see
you said I would suceed and be anything I wanted to be
I'm 23 and I just wanna be me
wanna be free
wanna be everything I can be
But I don't have many choices
Can't afford to be wrong
All I do is try to stay true to the words of my song
Just don't hesitate and wait too long
cos like a dream when you wake up its gone...its gone

I was down and out
wondered how I was gonna make it thru(I had no money in my pockets)
I got a dream(all I had was a pad and a pen)
Holding on (that's all I ever needed)
I won't let go cos you gotta make it come true

Hey yo
It was a sunny day and we were feeling high
Jamming the song underneath the baby blue sky
Thinking back in the times when we were so poor
Remember the kids use to laugh at the clothes we wore
we always knew one day that things were gonna change
And from that day I was never gonna be the same
I went to sleep that night;I dreamt I touched the sky
And ever since I've been trying to keep my dream alive
So when you see this Scribe, dropping the Ill'ed rhyme
To find how I'm living mine in this day and time
I'm working 9 to 5;I'm slaving over beats
It's hard work living the dream I hardly ever sleep
I'm in the rythum deep,yo just trying to do my thing
Its funny when you shine and people hate to see the gleam
No matter what they say keep on doing what you do
And don't give up cos only you can make that dream come true

It's like...

I was down and out (I was way out)
wondered how I'm gonna make it thru
I got a dream
Holding on
I can't let go cos you gotta make it come true

I was down and out...
wondered how...
I got a dream...
I won't let go cos you got...

Comments • 490

Its ielemia
Feel damn old listening to this in 2015...Still a good song.
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peter silva
10/07/17 still good shit
Bakez DFA
17/05/2017 still jamming this still got the lyrics on lock haha
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NZ <3
sharpvon l
fuck i remember watching morning cartoons in nz and they would play scribe like everyday.
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Anton Marshall
nopetrain I remember how everyshow used to finish with new Zealand on air
a guy from nz
bravo is horrible and an embarrassment to new zealand tv
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The golden era of NZ jams, so many good bands lost
View all 3 replies
Abee Geu
+BIGBISON14 Not many, white sunday, screems from the old plantation etc....good days. this song brings back older days memories.
Vanilla Gorilla
+BIGBISON14 savage, nesian mystik, David Dallas, homebrew, young Sid, p money
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Ya Umnayz
Rap isn't like this anymore. now it's all about guns and drugs and money and women being disrespected. this worlds changed a lot we have kids that are 12 acting like a og
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Rusty Nugget
"they'll never take me alive im getting high with my 4 5" the first couple words of a pac song are about guns and drugs. rap has far less drugs and guns in it now
Look up Witt Lowry.
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Ryan Asomua
hadn't listened to this song for about 6 years ... still remember every single lyric absolutely love this song his best by far 
Caleb Montgomery
this guy doesn't need any autotune nothing ,but yet people like Iggy Azalea are called rap legends?
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Jamie Wilson
agree with you 💯
Keep It Unknown
i aint joking haha
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Where is Scribe now days ? This is such a good song, wish he made more
View all 8 replies
i miss his music , reminds me of my teens
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Cruzin Streets
For whatever reason this film clip makes me feel better when i'm down.. 
Val N
same bro
Bailey Jackson
where you scribe? still dreaming?
Vivienne Reha
hes in porirua smoking crack
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