Guard [a taylena story] episode 4





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Published on Dec 27, 2009

hey ya'll! because im on break and im so nice i have decided that i will upload one episode per day until my break comes to an end :(. the other reason i am doing it is because all of my friends are out of town except for me :(. so you should be expecting 5 or 6 more episodes.
enjoy! OH, and i need 2+ comments!

Miley: you better have a damn good reason you wake me up at this godly hour! (opens door) what the FRICK do you want?
Taylor: (grins) Frick?
Liam: Wheres Selena?
Miley: (smirks) wouldn’t you like to know? (Closes door)
Liam: (pounds on door again)
Miley: (steps into the hallway so selena can sleep) what the hell is your problem? I have a race today and I need some more sleep!
Liam: we just need to make sure that nothing happened to Selena.
Miley: she’s just fine.
Taylor: so what kind of racing do you do?
Selena: she doesn’t.
Miley: (turns around)how long have you been standing there?
Selena: long enough to know that your racing again. (crosses arms, glares at Miley) did you ever even stop?
Miley: Selena, I was going to tell you today, to see if you would come down and support me
Selena: even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I couldn’t. I have these two (motions to taylor and liam) following me, and chances are that they would rat you out.
Liam: no we wouldn’t
Taylor: its not in our job description to be a tattle-tale (smirks)
Miley: see, Come on Sel! Please!
Selena: no! im am not going to go to some race and drink and watch you get yourself hurt! (Goes into room, slamming door)
Miley:(turns to the boys) you two really cant tell anyone! Especially Channing and Amanda. (Walks out of house)
Taylor: she’ll be back in a few moments
Miley: walks back in, past the boys) forgot my shit. (gets dressed, then leaves)
Liam: (chuckles) shes hott.
Taylor: dude, were on a job!
Liam: I’m just sayin!

{that night, 8pm}
Selena: (comes down wearing http://www.polyvore.com/girls_just_wa... )
Im going out!
Amanda: you look hott, Where r u going?
Selena:out. (winks)
Liam:bye amanda! (leaves with Selena)
Taylor: see ya. (walks out)

{20 minutes later, driving in Selenas car}
Taylor: so where are we going?
Selena: (turns down music) first, we are going to the mall.
Liam: why?
Selena: why? Are you kidding me? (laughs)if you two are going to be with me all of the time then you have to look like you belong!
Liam: makes sense.
Selena: then we are going to the bonfire.
Taylor: bonfire?
Selena: we do it every year to kick off summer.
Liam: sounds fun.
Selena: oh it is.
Taylor: ya roasting marshmallows, running around, and making out with each other sure sounds like my kind of scene. (scarstic)
Selena: please, you’re welcome to skip it!
Taylor: I don’t really have a choice do i?
Selena: I guess not, (sighs) so this is for real, huh?
Liam: (silent)
Taylor: yes, it is.
Selena: were here! (pulls into mall parking lot) come along boys, lets get you out of those suits!


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