Animated VS Video Game Villains: Round Seven





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Published on Jul 12, 2012

Battle in the Skies: Made by Toonmaster

Ganondorf and Bowser exit subspace with a powerful airship. Then they spot Charles Muntz' blimp, Vector's airship and the Cyclonians. Instead of wasting firepower on them, Ganondorf signals Kuja's silver dragons to attack Maleficent's airforce.
The dragons are destroyed, so Ganondorf is forced to uses his ship's heavy arrsenal of lasers. Many of the Cyclonians are hit be the lasers. Muntz orders Vector to destroy Ganondorf's ship, but as he makes the order, Ganondorf fires his ship's most powerful blast directly at the Spirit of Adventure.
Once Vector is in position, he fires his ray gun at the subspace ship. The blast destroys the ship, so Bowser and Ganondorf are forced to retreat.

Forces of Dedede vs Forces of Queen Grimhilde: Made by Toonmaster

While planning to deal with Dedede once and for all, Rasputin notices a strange and sudden snow storm outside the castle.Queen Grimhilde orders Rasputin to investigate. Once he leaves the castle, he discover that the source of the storm is the Ice Dragon. He get ready to battle the monster, but unfortunately for him; he steps on thin ice. With a mighty stomp, the Ice Dragon breaks the ice and sends him to his death.
With Rasputin gone, Dedede orders his Waddle Dee troops to invade the castle and find a way for him and his minions to enter. Tremaine and the queen see their invasion, and the Queen orders Tremaine to dispose of him. Once Dedede gets inside the castle, he orders his troops to attack Tremaine, but she defeats them easily. With the power of her wand, she summons a monster to aid her. Before it can strike, Metaknight ruses to the rescue and destroys the monster with his trusty sword.
After seeing how powerful Metaknight is, Lady Tremaine and her daughters decide to retreat. Dedede orders his troops to search for them in case they are still in the castle.
The Queen asks the mirror how her minions are doing and the mirror informs her that Rasputin is dead, and Tremaine has abandoned her. The mirror advises a retreat and disguising herself before they find her.
Escargoon and Dedede spot the Queen as she goes to her secret chamber. Dedede follows the Queen, eager to smash her with his hammer. Yet when he arrives, the Queen changes into a hideous hag and frightens the king.
As the king runs away, the Queen retreats through a secret passage before Dedede realizes that the Queen's getting away. His takes some of his anger out on Escargoon, before Escargoon reminds him that the castle is their now.
Little do any of them know, the whole battle was observed by the Customer Service and his boss.

Battle in Subspace: Made by Epic Kirby
Due to Youtube's character limits you have to view the description here: http://villainstournament.proboards.c...

The portal took Maleficent back to the Animated Dimension in her castle where she meets up with Black Wolf and Shan-Yu. Though Jafar's lamp is nowhere to be seen...

Pete returns to the base to inform Oogie Boogie and Syndrome about the battle. With no one else, Syndrome takes leadership of the group in Maleficent's absence.

Dr. Wily recruits Dr. Drakken and Dr. Pretorious into their group. Which Doofenshmirtz seems fond of calling "The Scientist Syndicate"

While searching Grimhilde's Castle, Dedede comes across the Magic Mirror. He asks it where Grimhilde is and it reveals that she was able to escape the castle...

Sephiroth decides to look over the now empty Subspace Battlefield finds a portal which he decides to look into.

With Plan A failed and out of the way. Xehanort decides it's time to move onto Plan B...


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