Ann Coulter ripped a new one on The View





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Published on Jan 12, 2009

Coulter gets in over her head on The View

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George V
Ann is brighter than all of these fools put together!!
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Richard Merrifield You're
luke bennett
+Richard Merrifield  Hell no
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Richard Merrifield
Ann Coulter is an idiot!
Richard Merrifield
+mosesMaimon1 clever nice retort
richardMerrifield is an idiot!
Gallo de Combate
Ann Coulter kicks ass!!!
This video shows why Ann Coulter is such a nasty cunt.
IDalasMediaTv is such a nasty cunt
Absolutely hilarious that those who disagree with Ann call those who agree with her trolls. In true liberal fashion, no substance so go for the personal insult.
Matt Peace
This is not even close to ripping Ann Coulter a new one. This woman is a xenophobic, pathological liar of the highest order and could be intellectually slaughtered on almost anything that comes out of her disgusting Republican cock swallowing spit hole. The woman is a disgrace. She should be an embarrassment to the GOP but they are too stupid or have so much contempt for the intellect of the American people, that they continue to support her. I used to think that the actions of the French during the Revolution were abhorrent, but the more I see exposed of the tactics and ideology of the elite, the more I understand it. The French were so starved of justice and so outraged by the treatment and contempt shown by the French aristocracy, I think they considered them beyond saving. Ann Coulter is beyond saving to. She has contempt for the working poor and distain for their plight.
Matt Peace
+mosesMaimon1 Laughable. Once I take my Marxist cock out of your bitches mouth that cant suck it enough, I will then respond. Pay your taxes that fund your oil wars and shut up moron.  
mattPeace is a pathological liar of the highest order.  mattPeace could be intellectually slaughtered on almost anything coming out of his disgusting Marxist cock spit hole.  mattPeace is a disgrace.  mattPeace is an embarrassment.  mattPeace too stupidly continues to support baraq Omarxist.  mattPeace's actions are abhorrent.  mattPeace understands nothing about anything.  mattPeace is beyond saving.  mattPeace hates America
maxx starrdom
Anything Ann Coulter says should not be taken seriously. She does this for attention and popularity. It's all a joke cause she doesn't have any clue what the hell she says in hopes that some dumb ass with no life will by a book. So, in the spirit of fun, never get upset over ignorance, just pay no attention to it.
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+maxx starrdom That's why she and Elisabeth Hasselbeck get along so well.
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phil keuper
Ann Coulter " SUPER CUNT " at large . What a piece of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!
Erinn Wright
angry, halitosis riddled, bitter and likely COMPLETELY BARREN HOLLOWED OUT RAGING BITCH.
Michael Braids
Ann Coulter is doing her annoying schtick .I'm sure those diet pills (speed) that she eats on a daily basis,really fuels her ugliness .
michaeLbraids the ugly gay homo is doing his annoying gay schtick
Dick Gregory
The view ladies have no logical, intellectual arguments. Wtf they are idiots lol
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David Schlessinger
+giancarlo stanton I don't believe that they want someone who lies that much.  I think they want someone who can actually tell the difference between the truth and their own lies.
giancarlo stanton
Ann Coulter should have a permanent spot on that desk.
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