Forgiveness & Love: [Ep. 19]





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Published on Sep 23, 2010

Forgiveness & Love: [Ep. 19]

Joe: I'm sorry to hear that. I can never imagine being in your place, Demi. You're strong.

Demi: -nods, then looks at him- You have no idea what I've been through.

Joe: But you survived it. You're here now, aren't you?

Demi: -smiles a little- Yeah, I guess. But my family isnt. Danielle and my friend, Selena, are like my sisters. The only brother I have is risking his life in the military. He didn't wanna go, Joe. He was forced.

[[Flashback - Demi's POV.]]

I opened the door to the house after another one of my long days at school being a junior. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table with my dad. They were holding hands across the table and talking softly. My mom dabbed her wet eyes with a napkin. As they saw me walk in, they both tensed.
"Whats wrong?" I asked, curiosuly. I went into the refrigerator and pulled out an apple, washing it and then taking a bite.
"Honey, I think you'd wanna sit down. I have news, sweetie," my dad says. He pulls out the chair next to him and I slowly sat.
"What happened? Are we moving? Are you here to talk about my grades? Cause -"
My mom interrupted me. "No, baby, its not that," she says. She looks at me and sighs.
"Where's David?" I asked, looking over both of their shoulders, towards his room. Unlike other families, me and my brother were close. We told each other everything. Sure, we get into fights and everything but after, we make up and act as if nothing happened.
"He's in his room packing," Dad says sternly. I shake my head.
"What do you mean he's packing? Where's he going?!" I asked.
"He got recruited into the military," my mom simply says.
"The military?!"
"Apparently, its the law for high schools to send in information about students to the military. David was picked and the military called and.." mom trails off.
"Why does he have to go?" I asked. "He's only a senior! He's only 17!"
"We couldnt say no, sweetheart."
"He could get killed out there!" I looked at my dad. "Dad, do something!"
"I'm sorry, princess, I dont think I can. The school had a right to send out his information. And the military can take anyone. Its-" he starts off.
"I dont want him to go," I weeped.
"We dont either. David is not so happy about it too. Many of his friends also got recruited so he's not alone."
I shook my head. "This is a load of crap," I said and stood up, taking two steps at a time on the stairs. I could feel tears brimming the rim of my eyes. They burned, and so did my head. I wanted to pass out. I knocked violently on David's door. I cant let my best friend go out into war! Music blasted in his room and when he opeend it, his eyes were red and puffy, a replica of mine. Behind me, his clothes were thrown all over the place.
"David.." I whispered, shaking my head. "You're not going."
"Yes, I am, Dem. I have no choice," he tells me desperately.
I stepped forward and fell into hs arms. My brother wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him tight. The military calling him in was like.. his death call.

[[End Of Flashback. Back to the story..]]

Demi: And Adam.. he's my baby. -smiles a little- He's all I have left.

Joe: -nods- Do you like living here? Texas, I mean.

Demi: Sure. I have my friends here. If I were to live anywhere else, I wouldnt know anyone.

For another hour or two, Joe and Demi just talked. Joe told her about his family and memories. And so did Demi. After that, they went back to his car and was on their way to the grocery store where they'd pick up some stuff to make dinner later on.

Demi: -looks at the shelf- Hmm.. chocolate or vanilla ice cream for dessert?

Joe: Both. -grabs too boxes and puts them in the cart. He then pushes the cart and stops at another shelf-

Demi: -laughs and follows him-

Joe: We need.. -grabs hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, and some other ice cream toppings-

Demi: Someone's gonna get hyper tonight.

Joe: You mean, Kevin? -smriks-

Demi: I was talking about you! -laughs-

Joe: You're lucky that I like you. -chuckles and pushes the cart towards the cashiers- I think thats about it. We got what we need to make a delicious dinner. -looks at her and smiles-

Demi: -her phone rings so she picks it up- Hello?

???: Hello, is this Mrs. Lovato?

Demi: Yeah. Why?

Teacher: This is Adam's teacher and I was just calling because-

Demi: -checks her watch- Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I'll be there in a few minutes. -hangs up-

You guys guessed right :D Now pleeease comment :)

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