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Uploaded on Apr 2, 2009

KING: In our remaining moments with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, let's talk about yourself.
Do you have a family?

MAHARISHI: The world is my family, you know? I count them ...

KING: You have no children of your own?

MAHARISHI: That is what a family means - all the children of the world.

KING: I know, but I'm just asking if you have children from your loins.

MAHARISHI: I am a single person. I'm a Purusha. I'm a - what you call it - sanyasi, if you understand the word. I'm a monk, if you understand it...

KING: You're a bachelor.

MAHARISHI: ...monks.

KING: Do you have special diets that you eat?

MAHARISHI: I think that diet that I eat, everyone eats the same thing - some rice, some dhal, some chapatis, something vegetable. But I like this organic, organic. I recommend to people organic agriculture, Vedic organic agriculture. Huge amount of scientific research has shown that with the Vedic hymns, with the Vedic melodies, the nutrients grow in the trees, very much in the fruits, in the crops, in the vegetables. So that is why, what I am promoting in the world.

KING: How old are you?

MAHARISHI: I have almost forgotten when I was born. I was told before. I never look back - in my habit I never looked back. I never looked back.

KING: Are you in good health?

MAHARISHI: I am in fairly good health, yes, yes, fairly good health.

KING: Do you go to doctors?

MAHARISHI: The doctors come to me even before calling them. They like to see me year after year, the same way, like that, like that. But the main thing is not so important what I am. What is important is my
program for the world, that the world will be a better world. It will be free from sins. Governments will be preventive administrations in the world. That is important. I'm not important for the world. I'm here for some time, gone. And everyone would finish the whole story. But I have promoted a program which is practical, positive, and simple for every individual...

KING: Where...

MAHARISHI: ...and for every nation.

KING: ...where did you learn it?

MAHARISHI: I learned it from my master. I address him as His Divinity, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, in the Himalayas in India. And that I hold to be the tradition of Vedic masters. And that I came to teach in the world, and I felt successful results on the individual, and now I am going to have a successful result on the basis of nations - nations. National governments everywhere, whatever they are now, I think they are groping in darkness. And I have the lamp. I put the lamp, and the light from the lamp will eliminate all their darknesses.

My nature is not to fight. I give the message, I give the experience, and people take it, and more people take it. And now, I'll have a government. I've created a government, and created the head of this Government - a great scientist, Dr. Nader Raja Raam. He is M.D., Ph.D. He has researched in the human physiology that the whole human physiology is the expression of the underlying field of consciousness, the same way as physics has discovered self-referral quantum field as the field of consciousness - self-referral.

On that basis of the realization or the discovery of the ultimate field, I'm going to create a world of that profundity of perfection which belongs to the perfection of the government of nature.

KING: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from Vlodrop, Holland. His book has been newly revised and updated - the version of the original book of many years ago - "Science of Being and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation."

Optimistic? You bet.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Good night.


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