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Published on Jan 17, 2011

Wow first day of school and I've already kissed someone...that I don't know. I just felt comfortable like we were two puzzle pieces that didn't belong but fit together. I caught Nick starring at my butt so I decided to... tease him a bit. I bent down pretending to tie my shoe and slowly stood up shaking it while walking over to the other girls "What the hell are you doing to my boyfriend?" I heard Becky or Bridget ask while pushing me into a metal bench bruising my porcelain skin.

She shoved my harder. I bit my lip from screaming in pain and grabbed her shoulder and arm holding her in the same position she had me. I went closer to her face glaring " Listen to me and listen to me good stay away from me" I spat in her face before turning away and talking to Demi and Debby laughing and smiled.

I looked across the court just making my honey brown bands cover my eyes slightly I saw Nick wink at me making me blush slightly, he smirked I turned to the girls hearing coach blow his whistle making he put my fingers to my ears attempting to block the whistles high pitch. Demi laughed loudly saying "You get used to that after a week of coming here" I nodded slightly still hearing the bell ringing in my ears, everyone started jogging a while after I joined them I felt two strong muscular arms around my thin waist I gasped slightly biting my lip at the guy beside me. Nick.

"What are you doing? Half the girls hate me 'cause you keep on talking to me" I said in a low voice.
Nick came closer to me, and whispered into my ear "I want you" he paused, his hot breath on my neck." Meet me in the closet during lunch" I said I nodded picking up my pace after seeing a few girls in his 'crew' glare at me. Nick quickly got closer to me next thing I know I was on top of him starring into his chocolate brown orbs.the class stop and starred at us

"EVERYONE BACK TO RUNNING OR EXTRA LAPS JONAS GOMEZ NO PDA DETENTION AFTER SCHOOL!" The coach yelled I pulled myself up off of him and carried on jogging to Deb and Demi.
"Whoa someone got busy on their first day" Demi said teasing me. I blushed a deep shade of red "N-no! EW he keeps on hitting on me he seems like a man-whore oh no offence Debby" I said rambling on "Nah don't sweat it"

By lunch time the place was packed I scanned the room looking for an empty table after not seeing anyone I found one placing my tray on the table. Demi, Debby and Joe came up to me I slowly glanced up at them "Hey Lenny Jelly can we sit?" Demi asked me I giggled and nodded remembering Demi and I as kids, she used to call me that all the time till she moved to L.A 10 years later and I came here.
I looked down at the picture on my phone "Hey Dems look " I said showing her the picture she laughed saying
"You remember that day haha you know what that calls for right ?" she asked me I smiled as we said together "Blind fold make over's" I laughed glancing at the time on my phone "Hey guys I'll be right back I gotta tinkle"I said picking up my bag and rubbish. "coolio, and you STILL say that" Debby said laughing " you gotta problem with that Joneses?" I said glancing at Joe "w-what me no pfft way to bring me into the conversation" he said pouting his voice trembling "Joe she was kidding" Demi and Debby said I looked down"well...bye!" I said running off towards the bathroom but feeling someone pull me into a empty storage closet crushing there lips against mine, my eyes widened as I pushed him back "C'mon baby, live a little" he said gripping his hold around my waist.

Who was it?
Why is he doing this?
Are ya gonna comment?


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