Ep.6 Sweet Potato Betta Tank (NEW Plants & Favorite Kartoffel Food) No filter, No CO2, NO ferts Nano




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Published on Apr 24, 2019

Kartoffel is a wild betta species called Mahachai betta. These are his favorite foods.
Undoubtedly, the over trimming caused the sweet potatoes to not do well.
B/c there’re no more sweet potatoes, I’m gonna do more frequent water changes.
Around 2 times a week. 25~50% with 3 day old water. I didn’t trim the hornwort b/c I wanted it to grow big and help filter the water.

I’m not sure how the spinach will turn out.
I’ll keep you posted.

Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/foo-store

3 day old water:
1. Tap water in a bucket
2. Add water conditioner and stir vigorously, kinda like making a lemonade.
3. Leave the water 2~3 days alone. You can cover it with something, too, if you want to avoid dust.
4. 1~2 hours before the water change, I add a heater in the bucket and match the temperature to the tank’s temperature. Kartoffel’s tank is 26°C or 79°F.
5. Optional almond leaf water: Boil dechlorinated water; I use the bucket water. Pour the boiling water in a glass container. Add crushed almond leaf in the container. Stir. Leave it alone for an hour or two. I add just a little bit of this almond water during the water change.

You don’t have to do water changes like this. However, this is the safest way I know for a betta.

Favorite Kartoffel food:
Freeze dried blood worms https://amzn.to/2ISrbek
Frozen blood worms
Frozen brine shrimp
Frozen mysis shrimp
Live brine shrimp (eggs) https://amzn.to/2L0Y4rG

INDOBETTA Pellet Monster #2 – This might be difficult to find. Very few stores import this I think. I bought this at a LFS. Every betta is a little different with different pellets. I feed Kartoffel with several different kinds of pellets and this is his favorite.

Other easy to find pellets for betta:

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold https://amzn.to/2ByRG3h
New Life Spectrum Betta Formula https://amzn.to/2R36fWA
Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Food https://amzn.to/2RZBYF8
Fluval Bug Bites Betta https://amzn.to/2S0sBoJ

How I made the auto top off: https://youtu.be/Im9lDTRTAOk?t=269

How I made brine shrimp https://youtu.be/dU5izzyxqeA?t=169

(If your house is warm enough, you don’t have to put the container in the aquarium. You can just leave it out and the brine shrimp will hatch fine.)

Episode 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYHmS...
Episode 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkuFd...
Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7LEk...
Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUp2-...
SETUP video of this tank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-ZWM...

Light : Osram 14W CFL 6500K – duration 11 hours a day.
Temperature: 26°C (79°F)

Aquarium Siphon: https://amzn.to/2Hya9Ct

Gravel VAC:

Desk lamp (I used the clamps to mount it) http://amzn.to/2svkS9s
GE CFL light bulb (14w 6500K) http://amzn.to/2tAPVQo
Philips CFL 13W T2 Daylight 6500K, 4-Pack http://amzn.to/2H67BrI
Almond leaves https://amzn.to/2S3B8Hn
Hornwort https://amzn.to/2srT6HY
2~3mm gravel 20lb bag http://amzn.to/2gJ5tOl
2~3mm gravel 5lb bag http://amzn.to/2y3e3ih
15pcs diamond hole saw https://amzn.to/2DGGXqL
Magnetic thermometer https://amzn.to/2LRCrXd
Mini Algae scrubber https://amzn.to/2MHbOHJ
Aquarium lid clips (gotta know the thickness or your aquarium) https://amzn.to/2qW9S1T
seiryu stone https://amzn.to/2K5rVuX
Inline Switch (I use them for pumps and heaters during water changes) https://amzn.to/2L05ozT

This video was shot with:
LG V10 https://amzn.to/2JrwD4C
Clip 3 in 1 lense photo kit. I only use the macro lens http://amzn.to/2HPggiF

Edited with Vegas Pro 15 https://amzn.to/2Hwu5C5


Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 in E Flat
Played by Anthony Slater



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