The Truth About Nice Guys





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Published on Aug 10, 2012

steve greene delivers some tough talk to give you the truth about "nice guys." Tough talk is where I give you the unvarnished truth about the subject of your choice!


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This is 100% true. Women need to give nice guys a try more often. We like to be respectful and kind in public because we were raised correctly AND it gets you farther in life successfully. Get us alone and we'll flip you upside down in the bed.
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Mosquito E
This isn't entirely true.  Some guys are actually nice but girls, especially girls under 25, just don't like nice guys.  If they did, they wouldn't have a bunch of ex boyfriends that they bitch about cause they can't see the pattern.  I'm 6'4 and have always been in great shape, so that's not the issue, but I was a legitimately nice guy till I was like 20 and just got to listen to girls I liked complain about the douche bags they banged until I just lost respect for the girls.  I assure you I didn't get any better looking but girls suddenly liked me better when I stopped treating them like equals.  I think it's an issue of self-esteem.  If you work out, you tend to find yourself more attractive and carry yourself like you're better than everyone else, which is sadly what people really find attractive. 
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I need to change my procrastination. I'll start working on that tomorrow.
i'm perfect, and da word is full of tardz. 
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Mediph Eranz
I'm sorry. I have to clean my computer now, Had a spit-take at "suckled upon and fuckled upon" Thanks. That laugh was worth it though.
"Clitoris? Never heard of that Pokemon." lmao.
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samuel caste
i feel like recently some girl told him she was leaving him for a nicer guy.
If you're nice, whether it's trying to get girls or just having friends, people will walk all over you. I have a friend who calls a girl I know all kinds of crap on a daily basis and she's head over heels for him. I was nice to the same girl and now have a permanent place as a friend. In another case, I use to be really nice to everyone and then became a sort of punching bag for my group of "friends" to make fun of on a daily basis. And that's fine in small doses, of course, but when it goes on every day for a whole year of school, you start to feel like crap. But once I became the "jerk" as some of my my old friends now call me, I get 1.) More respect and 2.) Chicks It sucks that this is the world we lived in, but not nearly as bad as it sucks to be the martyred nice guy :/
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Rick Hamilton
i think its important to realize there is a difference in between being a "nice guy" basically a guy thats so afraid of rejection he'll just suck up to a girl all the time, which they see right through and they think you're fucking boring. And being a "good guy" someone that is a good person but also sets a high standard for himself and the people he surrounds himself with, knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. I've been both and there is a world of difference between the two.
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David Crowninshield
Confidence. I want more
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