Mass Effect 3: Bookends of Destruction Part 5





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Published on May 27, 2012

One of my worst, most painful vids to make. I'm already counting three errors on my part. If the ME3 ending doesn't make you rambling idiot when trying to analyze it...

Previously, on a less painful episode of BoD:
Previous EMS:
Questions: 29
Stupid: 12
Plot Holes: 6
Contrived: 6
Lore: 3
Series: 5

11. The Trench Run
11.1 What is this laser effect?
11.2 How did Shepard's armor, like on their back, and all their guns, disintegrate?
11.1 Where did that Carnifex gun come from?

12. The Citadel
12.1 How did Anderson follow us up?
12.2 What are the Reapers going to do with all these bodies?
12.3 How is TIM able to control, Shepard's and Anderson's motor functions?
12.4 How is anyone existing in this room?
12.1 How is Control of the Reapers and Shepard necessary for survival?
12.1 How the hell did Anderson get there?
12.2 Where the hell did TIM come from?
12.3 How did Hackett get a signal to the Citadel?
12.1 What is the point of this room?
12.2 When did the Citadel suddenly be able to magically change it's physical structure?
12.3 What happened to Anderson's shields?

13. The Catalyst
13.1 Where are we?
13.2 What was the point of ME1?
13.3 Why does the Catalyst, via Reapers, kill advanced organic life, if they're not harvested?
13.4 Why and how would all old life...stop new life from existing?
13.5 How does the networked mental power of billion year old cyborgs not understand nearly every piece of technology that could ever be?
13.6 How does the Catalyst know that all synthetic creations created by organics will rebel and destroy their creators?
13.7 What was the point of the Catalyst and the choices, if every relay system is destroyed?
13.1 What was the point of ME1?
13.2 Shepard's a moron.
13.3 What was stopping Shepard from telling the Catalyst to Control the Reapers?
Plot Hole
13.1 What was the point of ME1?
13.2 Why is the Catalyst putting Reapers in harms way, if every cycle, several could die?
13.3 Why are the Reapers destroying or harvesting species that didn't create synthetics?
13.4 Why should the Catalyst care?
13.5 How would Synthesized organisms stop themselves from creating synthetic life?
13.1 What was the point of ME1?
13.2 Why does the Ghost Child look just like the child we tried to save in the intro?
13.1 What was the point of ME1?
13.2 If the Mass Relay's are destroyed, why would I want any of these options?
13.3 How the hell do ships, personnel, resources and anything else you acquired, have anything to do with the Crucible?
13.4 So did the Charon Relay in Control explode or not? What was the big deal here?
13.1 What was the point of ME1?

14. The Epilogue
14.1 So who is this N7 person, and what do they have to do with anything?
14.1 Why does this happen in only the Destroy Ending?
Plot Hole
14.1 How the hell did our squadmate get on the Normandy?

Final EMS Score
Questions: 43
Stupid: 16
Plot Hole: 12
Contrived: 13
Lore: 10
Series: 6

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