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Published on May 23, 2009

Santa tells the group that they can use the Christmas plaza for the plan. He also asks what exactly Jack's plan is, and Jack says he has it all figured out but doesn't explain it. Jack also has the idea that if they capture the thief he would like to deliver the presents, but before he says it all, Sora stops him and they take him into the plaza. The plan was that they would all be inside one of the presents, waiting for the thief to come. When they hear it coming, they pop out, only to realize the fact that the thief is none other than Finkelstein's experiment.

To fight the experiment, get in close as soon as possible to avoid the lasers, or Reflera them back. The lasers are the big pain in this fight, so do whatever possible to avoid them. Once it takes some damage, it will break apart and become invulnerable. Locate the headpiece, then use "Kickspring" to knock it into the other pieces to get it back together. You need to do it twice quickly, so chase after it on the first kick. once it's back together, stay back this time and attack, watching out for its arms to stretch out to attack. Once the hands stop moving, you can get in close. Eventually, just the headpiece will remain, so take it down quickly to defeat it and get a bonus level-up.

Bonus Level-Up 39:
Sora - Maximum HP Increased (+5, new total 95), Finishing Leap (Ability, 5 AP)
Donald - Jackpot (Ability, 4 AP)
Goofy - Maximum HP Increased (+5, new total 95)
Jack - Maximum HP Increased (+5, new total 100)

The head disappears into darkness when it hits the ground. Jack says that now the mystery is solved. He hears sleigh bells, then Santa flys in. He asks if they caught the thief, and Jack says they naturally did. However, Sora doesn't get why the experiment was going around stealing presents. Santa wonders about the new experiment, and realizes Finkelstein is always making things. Santa wants to thank Jack for his help by giving him the chance to see what delivering presents is like. Santa says all the experiment wanted was a heart, then sends Jack off on the sled, and Jack calls out into the night. Sora also gets the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade (Attack 6, Magic 1, Combo Boost).

Back at Halloween Town, Dr. Finkelstein is glad to hear the experiment wasn't stolen. He says since it ran on its own, the experiment was a success. Sora tells him that Santa says it was looking for a heart, and Dr. Finkelstein can understand that, since it did not have one like Sally. Then Finkelstein goes back to his lab. Sora wonder why it stole presents if it wanted a heart, and Sally says because the presents are a way to give your heart to someone. Sora then feels bad for the experiment.

The sleigh bells ring again, and Jack drops in. They see Santa flying off, wishing them a happy Halloween, and it begins to snow. Sally says it's a nice present, but Jack doesn't get why, since there's no bow or package. Sora tells Jack that what is on the inside is what matters, but Sally says what really matters is giving the gift, going out to make someone else happy. Jack realizes that Sally is right, then starts to feel very happy. Goofy says that Sally's present is making other people happy, and Jack thanks her for that. He also wants to give something back, but Sally would just like to be with him. Pleased by the words, Jack starts to dance with Sally. Sora wonders why she never gave her a real present, and Donald asks who 'she' is. Goofy knows it's Kairi, and says she'd like anything from Sora. Sora says it's not about the gift but what's in his heart, and Donald says that Kairi and Sally are alike. When they are together with their best friend, they don't need anything else. Sora looks on as Jack and Sally dance, and imagine him and Kairi doing the same.

When the group gets back to the Gummi Ship, a massive castle appears in the distance. Chip and Dale believe that it was the source of the weird readings from before. Then they notice Twilight Town is locked off, and Chip says there are two of them. They get another strong reading, and Chip says that something is strange in Twilight Town.

But me personally, I'm not worrying about that right now, because I have something to take care of...something I'll never forgive the creators of this game for.

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