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Published on Jul 16, 2011

"What's he doing here?" Demi heard Adam say as they swayed there hips together, slightly grinding but fully. "Oh.. Who?" she asked trying to buy time for a good enough excuse, she couldn't say that she had gotten herself reeled into a gangsters' game. Before she could answer she heard the strong masculine voice that came from her teacher she closer her eyes , "Fuck... he-- he--- he's ---"
"he's babysitting me," Ariana said, biting her lower lip, "Mom doesn't trust me.. And well... this is," she said toward Nick, "He's a family friend," she said as Nick smiled genuinely.
"Since I'm the babysitter I think its past Demi's bed-time," Joe screeched through his teeth, Adam held onto Demi's wrist as both men through daggers through there eyes-sockets.

"I should get going," Demi sighed as the tension started to boil like a wave of heat wrapping around the small group. "I'll take you," Adam stepped toward her as Joe stopped him from touching her, "I'm the one in charge, I take her." Adam glared down toward the death grip upon his arm, "Let go, or--"
"Or what?" Joe pressed, his eyebrow arching, "Or I'll beat--"
"You will not beat anything," Demi intruded separating both flaring males, as if they fought for a scrap of meat. "Mr. Jonas, lets go." Joe smirked and held Demi's hand leading them away as she stopped, "Adam, I'll see you tomorrow.. And it was a great gig," she said to everyone else, they nodded. Ariana walked with Nick who had an amused smirk, "Well who knew that this night would be full of surprises, Huh?"
"The only surprise you will be getting is another sucker-punch," Demi hissed.

The drive was like a graveyard, silent but intriguing. Demi walked out of Joe's car and heard Ariana and Nick talk, making there way inside the house. "Never try to rule me, Mr. Jonas," Demi said before making it to her front step, "You might be my teacher, and I might be in a load of shit but I don't need you to get in my life. I said it before I don't need your help, if Ian tries anything I'll be strong enough to take him out. If I could take Nick I can take Ian."

"I'm not leaving. And get used to it Demi. You crossed my life for a reason, and one thing is for sure, destiny had nothing to do with this."

"Wait! What do you mean-- you cant possible be thinking in staying! Nick take Mr. Jonas out of here!" she said making her way to the living room where Joe launched himself on the couch, "Sweet Dreams, Dems."
Demi stood there, starring in bewilderment, Mr. Jonas her teacher, was sleeping in her living room, and then his side-kick ex gangster friend as well. When had her life become interesting?

"Nick, get the fucken hell out of Ariana's bedroom. Now," she hissed as she made her way to the second floor, Nick rolled his eyes and smirked, "Why don't we have a threesome?"
"Better yet, Nick. Why don't I cut your balls off and along with Mr. Jonas?" she arched her brow in a conniving tone, Nick walked up to Demi and hugged her, "Chill, its just a joke."
"Har-Har-Har. Go downstairs. Now."

Laying in her bed, she tossed and turned looking at her sealing as she thought about the ideal thought having her teacher sharing the same household. A man she kissed, not just any man. Her first kiss, a kiss that taunted her like his hazel eyes, she traced her lips, "Mr. Jonas," she whispered, as her eyes started to close. She couldn't. She was a student, his student. He was a ex-leader of a gang-life. A man she knew was forbidden.. But she wanted to get to know. Life is fucked up. No she, herself made life fucked. If it weren't for her she wouldn't have kissed him. Intruded his fight back in the alley. It was all her.

"Wake up," Demi heard a low-deep voice against her ear as she immediately sat up and spun her head, "Mr.--"
"Is it so hard to call me Joe? You know for every time you call me Joe im going to kiss you," he said, Demi's eyes widened. "Mr.--" she started but was silenced with warm lips, she found herself reacting to the gentle stroke of his lips. For her death he pulled away way to early for her liking, "Good Morning, lets try that again."
"Good Morning , Mr--" she stopped herself but was corrected with smirking lips, she felt the sly smile against her lips, the stubble lightly teasing her chin.
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Oh and the Adam I'm talking about is.. Adam Levine from Maroon 5. [: I know he's old.. But hey to me his fuckable. Live with it. :P


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