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Published on Jun 9, 2009

An interesting look at the Bystander Effect

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Mullet Girl
I learned about the Bystander Apathy Experiment in Psych 101. Our teacher gave us very good advice. If your injured in a crowd of people, pick one person in the crowd, point to them, and say "hey you in the (whatever they are wearing). Please call 911." This puts the person on the spot, and makes them feel more accountable because everyone in the crowd is now looking at them. If they don't help you, they look terrible in front of everyone. It also gives you a more personal connection and makes them more likely to feel they should help. I just thought I would share that, so if you're ever in that situation, remember!
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The bystander effect can also go the other way. However it requires one individual to actually DO something to create the chain reaction. Ex. While walking down the River Walk a big group of teenage boys ganged up on a drunk homeless man. They just kept picking on him...making fun of him...and laughing. As I passed by I looked at the man. At first, I thought he was laughing, but he actually seemed to be pretty upset. It enfuriated me to see people treating someone so rudely just because they are in an unfortunate position. At first, I kept walking, as did everyone else walking along. No one said anything to them, not even the employees or patrons at nearby restaurants sitting outside...then I worked it up within myself (I was a little afraid because there were a lot and they were much bigger than me), stopped, and turned around. I walked up and told them to leave him alone. That they should know how to treat people better and show respect, despite who the person is. As soon as I spoke up, a waiter at a restaurant followed and told them off. A lady approaching also spoke up. The guys quickly left without a fight. Even though this video says a lot on it's own. It's up to us as individuals to make a difference. To start showing people that we need to take care of one another. Respect each other. To stand up and show love.  All it takes is one person to set-off a fire within others to do the same.
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Tyler Scott
How to reduce the bystander effect:  1) Be specific when asking for help, even pointing to someone and saying "YOU! Please help me up/call 9-1-1/get me some water" gives someone a concrete idea of what to do rather than stand there waiting for someone else to help 2) Watch videos like this.  Knowledge about the bystander effect significantly reduces it. 
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Rolandas Grigaitis
Calling for help in America: HELP!!! Calling for help in UK: Excuse me, sir. I'm really sorry for troubling you but I'm in a really bad situation right now. I'm drowning right now and I'd really appreciate your help if you don't mind, thanks in advance.
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ignorant fucking primates acting like sheep
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Maybe it was because he was a terrible actor
li chen
Don't even act surprised, 90% of you bastards here would do the same thing, including me. Human nature isn't so kind. Self preservation always comes first.
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Jake Jones
London? Well.... that explains EVERYTHING.
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Maria Osorio Battista
:( We're horrible people.
Jobe Jacobs
You only get help if you're dressed properly and a certain race/class other than blacks and "bums". Remember that America. That's why the world has karma coming back on people.
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