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TV HOMME vol.8 (2009-09-17) - Takagi Manpei, Takagi Shinpei

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Uploaded on Dec 1, 2011

[Translation by dancingstars123]

S: I'm holding misonikomi udon (name of noodles)

S: This is Nagoya's famous food misonikomi udon and whenever I go back to Nagoya, I always eat this with everyone. This is produced by the Yamamoto. Right now Manpei has the tsuketemisokaketemiso, that too is one of Nagoya's famous foods. Ever since we were little we've been eating that, like ever since babies started drinking milk.....well I kind of over exaggerated.

S: We're fighting most of the time for things like jobs, lifestyle, and private times. Oh here comes my stupid brother.

M: Hi there

Staff: Please appeal the tsuketemisokaketemiso

M: This is tsuketemisokaketemiso. I think there are a few people who haven't tried this yet but we've been eating this since we're kids. Just like the picture you could pretty much put this sauce on anything. When we were kids we just suck the sauce right out of the bottle. I'm really happy that I can take pictures with this. Misonikomi udon too is famous, we eat it every time we go back to Nagoya.

M: Recently we fight who does the laundry, who folds clothes, vacuums, basically chores. I'm the type who does it properly, Shinpei just does it randomly.

S: Can you think of 3 things you hate about me?

M: Egocentrism, doesn't think of anything, late in the morning. I'm usually ready to leave the house fast. For example if I said , we are going to leave in 45mins I'll usually be ready in 30mins changed and watching the news or somethin'. Shinpei does his hair past 45min always with only a few mins on the clock.

S: Don't say that.

M: Do you have 3 things about me?

S: Specific/detailed and too kind ...

M&S: (laugh) lets go

S: When I was in high school I did some modeling, and because of that I wanted to do some acting so I came to Tokyo. But Manpei wanted to become a barber.

M: I was inspired by Tokyo.

S: We were strongly inspired by Tokyo and wanted to do acting so badly.

M: We're happy that we get to do interview in one of our homes.

S: Yea and we got our homeland's famous foods. It's a dream come true.


M: Shinpei's favorite type is a girl who could do chores. Also big eyes, he's very strict. He's quite childish so a mature girl might suit him knowing him for 23yrs. Instead of flashy girls he likes girls that don't stand out much like the ones in a beauty clinic. I like simple girls too. The girls that Shinpei think are cute I think they are cute as well. We both like girls who could do chores, cooking and washing, I just can't get enough of that. When I return home and there is dinner cooked then that would be the best. They say guys return to girls who can cook, I'm really that kind of guy, Shinpei too.

S: My favorite type? Definitely a girl who do chores. I'm quite strict. I like tsundere girls, they are mostly dishonest but when we are alone and she becomes childish I'll fall for her.

S: Manpei and I have the same taste in girls faces. When we look at magazines in a convenient store and there is a lot of cute girls in it we say " lets point to the cutest girl, ready set go" and we point, 100% it's the same girl.

M: My goal..... I don't have a definite goal but I think people can sometimes hate the things they like the most so my goal is to continue liking being an actor.


M: It's pretty much Shibuya

S: What?

M: It's Shibuya

S: Shibuya is our backyard.

M: It's a backyard

S: To us it's like a backyard, it means we visit often.

S: My goal is to like being an actor. I really like being an actor and when I act I really enjoy it. It is one of the most happy times

(at the shop)

S: Gonna buy kuzuyu( a drink with a honey like texture)

Women: Shoyu(soy sauce)

M&S: yes soy sauce

S: How long have you been working here?

Women: 47yrs

M: 47yrs! We were not born.

Women: 1500yen

S: she's using a soroban( Japanese abacus)

M&S: Hi

S: we just now finished the photo shoot. We always take pictures like this. I'm glad today's weather is nice.

M&S: It felt so nice

M: This is going in to record.

M&S: Magnificent!!!

S: We got a lot of good pictures taken. Well there might be quite a few people already reading this but from now on with Manpei.....

M: We'll love our home town.

S: ......yea love our home town.

M: Love Tokyo and love everybody and we'll do our best.

S: Please support us

M&S: Bye-bye!

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