UFO Possibly Docking with Mother Ship





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Published on Apr 14, 2009

This is a very strange video of lights in the sky in Arizona. It seems like there is one main light and others around it then you see a light come and stop in perfect order as the other lights possibly another ship docking.

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Willem Schonken
This is fake. My reason: Well, I'm a sound engineer, I work with sound every day of a work week. Listen to when the person says "Shit, check that shit out". Listen to how clear it is. Now, listen to the amount of wind going on.... With that amount of wind you would be hearing the typical low-boom distortion caused by wind blowing directly on the mic and that would probably make any talking completely in-audible. Now, listen to how defined the sound of the wind is...with just your camcorders mic it would be impossible to make wind sound that good.... this was cut in from a sound effects library... no doubt about it. Nice try guys, but like everyone that would be watching this, I am looking for some legit UFO footage! I should also ad, I can hear the "room" sound of the voice... it doesnt sound like outside OR in a vehicle would sound. 
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between .30 and .31 an unexpected change
Mark Danger
I saw something nearly identical to this about 3 years ago off the coast of Baja Mexico. I couldn't sleep. Woke up to watch the stars off the bow of the ship and that exact "flower" shape of lights was hovering in the night sky. I tried filming it, but my crappy Flip cam doesn't do well in darkness. I ended up sketching my observation. In my case, the lights eventually came towards our ship and actually zoomed overhead. Halfway through the observation I woke my gf and she witnessed it as well. Craziest thing I've ever seen no doubt.
Michael Bradford
If it is cgi, they took time to ensure the film grain was uniform across the lights. They do not look pasted into the footage to me. It could be real. I myself have seen some strange lights in the sky over the past year. I do think the question about why it cuts off while lights are still present should be addressed.
Michael Bradford
Calling something "fake" without defending your position makes you look like a cynic. A skeptic can be persuaded with facts, a cynic will never be convinced of anything that doesn't fit their world view no matter how much evidence is provided. Defend your position or keep your opinions to yourself!
Animus Rex
Arran Moffat
Just me calling bullshit?
Luis Filipe
And he Quoted "It's a trap". 
Umm 3,000 views? This is still one of the most convincing pieces of UFO footage EVER no question, and no one has seen it...spread this around people.
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